Colorbar Smart Blend Silicone Sponge Review

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If you are a makeup lover, then you already know that the silicone sponge is a new tool in the market to blend your makeup. Since long I wanted try it and finally our Indian brand Colorbar has launched their Smart Blend Silicone sponge with a very affordable price rate. Now, let’s get into the review.

Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review

Product Description:
Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review Details

INR 300

My Experience with Colorbar Smart Blend Silicone Sponge:

Silicone Sponge comes in a nice black color zipped pouch that can be used in future to store the sponge as well. Sponge itself looks like a clear silicone thick pad and it has a nice semi-oval shape. It is a lightweight product that takes less space than a regular sponge. So, it’s more travel-friendly too.

Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review Packaging

Now, the sponge is good in dense as well, which helps to hold it properly. But, as it doesn’t have any pointed tip, it’s quite difficult to reach on small area like corner of eyes and side of nose. Otherwise, I am quite comfortable to use it. Also, it has very soft and smooth texture that is gentle for skin as well.

Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review Unpacked

Now, what’s the benefit of using a silicone sponge? It actually helps to blend your base makeup perfectly without any wastage of product and it provides better coverage than regular sponge. Now, does it really work better than a normal sponge? Well, I am using it since a week now and I am quite satisfied with the product. As it is soft and smooth in texture, it blends the product well by patting it on skin. It is made of silicone so, I don’t need to make it wet before the application and the sponge doesn’t absorb any foundation like our usual beauty sponge. So, it obviously provides better coverage and it almost gives full coverage which is really good to hide dark spots and pigmentation. I personally love to use it to blend my concealer.

Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review Thick

It works best for medium liquid foundation. Only for runny foundation, it takes long to blend and can’t provide that nice finish. Also, it can’t provide that smooth results with oil based foundation. Maybe due to its texture, the oil gets messy and the application looks patchy and uneven. But, with our regular liquid foundation, it works quite well to blend the product on skin and it takes less amount than normal sponge. A small amount can give nice result and it gives a beautiful smooth flawless finish.

Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review Side

As I am new to it, I take extra time to blend, but it depends upon the practice. So, I am sure I will be used with it soon. Initially, it feels like the foundation doesn’t absorb on skin properly and it looks unnatural, but once you learn the trick to use it, you can get the best result. I suggest you to use small amount of product with it and then step by step build up your coverage. Don’t use lot of product at once. Initially, you have to learn the way to control the sponge over face and I have to pat a lot to get the best result.

Colorbar Smart Blend Silicon Sponge Review In Hand

Now, it is so easy to wash after each use. Even you can wipe out the foundation with a tissue as well. Hence, I always prefer water and liquid wash to clean it perfectly. It is more hygienic than a regular sponge and regular sponge needs more time to clean. It’s totally a mess-free application. Also, such type of sponges will last longer than regular one and it has less chances of damage.

Now, I used the sponge with my foundation, concealer, color correctors and cream blush too. In each way, it works good and covers the spots and pigmentation well. Only, it’s difficult to blend the contour shades with it. As it is not so squeeze, I can’t control it on face.

Overall, I really like this new concept and if you love full coverage, then it is good for you. But, you have to pat a bit for that perfect flawless finish and for a person like me who prefer natural looking coverage, a regular sponge works better than this.

Pops of Colorbar Smart Blend Silicone Sponge:

  • Nice packaging and affordable.
  • Soft smooth texture gentle for skin.
  • No need to make it wet and easy to clean the sponge.
  • Works with foundation, concealer, color correctors and cream blush too.
  • Blends the foundation well.
  • Provides full coverage and hides imperfections perfectly.
  • Easy to build up the coverage.
  • Needs less amount of product than regular sponge.
  • Sponge doesn’t absorb any foundation.
  • Gives smooth flawless base.
  • Lasts longer and more hygienic.

Cons of Colorbar Smart Blend Silicone Sponge:

  • Due to its shape, it’s quite difficult to reach small areas.
  • Initially, takes time to control over it.
  • Needs more time and pats to blend the foundation perfectly.
  • Doesn’t work great with runny foundation or oily foundation. It leaves an uneven finish with them.
  • Not best for contour shades.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/ Recommend Colorbar Smart Blend Silicone Sponge?
It will last long to me and if you want to try it, you can because, it is an affordable product. But for beginners, who are new to makeup, they couldn’t work with it easily. So, don’t make it your first applicator.

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