Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment – Pink Dazzle

Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment – Pink Dazzle



This was my last product from the haul for November for IMBB, this is a new release and these are pigments from colorbar, again priced not so comfortably for an introductory price, makuep does not come cheap these days!? I got a very versatile shade in a white based ducochrome pink shimmer, this twinkles to a pink 🙂

Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment - Pink Dazzle

Most of the shades were white based, gold or pink, then there was a lovely metallic blue which I am eyeing, these are essentially pigments and buy them only if you wear them, these are hard to work with, I mostly add them on top of a cream shadow, just to highlight something, or use them on a white or black cream base, to add some shimmer.

Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment - Pink Dazzle (3)

Now we rarely wear shimmer these day, but for parties this is a versatile pigment, I will tell you why, this comes in a white base so if you add it on its own,it gives you a pretty pink sheen due to the pink shimmer in it, on the other hand, on a black, it softens it, it does not look overboard trust me, it is not chunky glittery but duochrome so looks pretty, pink would suit most of your party outfits I reckon.

Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment - Pink Dazzle (6)

I am not so impressed with the texture, trust me, this might feel a little too dry, and once you blend it you can see only pink shimmer in it, then again if you pat it , it looks too white, so there is a fine line to using it and I am no expert, I think for it to look best use a black cream base like kohl or add it on the center of the lid to add sheen.

Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment - Pink Dazzle (2)

Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment - Pink Dazzle (5)

I wish it was not so dry, there should be a satin smoothness to pigments once you blend them, it would vanish, of course this color is so that it might look subtle. The color is suited to all who can sport a little pink on their complexions.I dont know why I think there are better pigments out there,in cheaper prices.
Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment - Pink Dazzle (4)

The packaging is fine, there is a seal, but still when you remove it, lot of pigment flies, that satin smooth texture is missing here,and no way you can blend it, it vanishes, it needs to be patted lightly and then rub a little, and needs a base.One think i love is that even if you wear it on its own, it wont look creased or wierd after a whole day too, it looks like pink shimmer and nothing else, on the base too it lasts long.

colorbar eye pigment

I have patted and rubbed it on a black smudged kohl base very lightly.

I think you can try it if curious to use a duo toned shimmer, it has this pink twinkle to it, which is very pretty, otherwise nothing fancy.

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22 thoughts on “Colorbar Sparkling Dust Eye Pigment – Pink Dazzle

  1. wow…ur eyes look beautiful.I have never tries pigments as they seem very messy to me..But i do feel like trying this one out….. u have lovely lashes too…have u applied mascara?

  2. neha I loved your EOTD as much as I love your lip swatches *pompom* .I must say colorbar is becoming expensive day by day ,yesterday I saw some of their new launched moisturisers its was for 800 rupees *devil*

  3. I loved your detailed review, I agree, pigments should be super soft and smooth, but it looks lovely on you, loved your EOTD, superb. You’re a genius 🙂

  4. Awww your eye makeup is sooo beautiful *woot* *woot* *woot* you have done it in such a pretty way *drool* *drool* *clap* *clap* looks really great on the kohl *hifive* *hifive*

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