Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion Review

Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion

A sheer luminizing moisturiser with special light-reflecting pigments that veils the skin in a soft, pearly glow. Enriched with ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, it keeps skin thoroughly hydrated and plumped.

Apply on just-cleansed, toned and treated skin for a fabulous glow and dewy finish. Or mix with your favorite foundation for an increased glow.

INR 950

This is a very unique product I was keen to pick up.This is a illumination lotion.This acts like a light moisturizer but gives your skin a glow, in this case a pinkish glow.Well take a look at the product:


The lotion is nicely packaged and the pricing of this whole range is on the steep side.The lotion comes in a pump dispenser and it can be twisted up to bring out the nozzle.There is no cap as such.The lotion is thick in consistency and you can see how pink it is from the very first time you swatch it.

The lotion is iridescent and it has this pink and metallic kind of duochrome sheen to it.You may have used a lot of silvery highlighter but this is the first time I have seen a pinker highlighting lotion.This can be a boon for dry skin provided you have neutral skin tones.The lotion is not for very oily skin or for people who like matte makeup base.

The lotion can be mixed with your skin care or primer or foundation which I think is brilliant for dull and dry skin.This feels very pink person so choose wisely.when mixed with lotions or foundation it works in less pinker way than on its own.It will add a soft sheen to your foundation.again this is not for matte skin lovers.

On its own I used it on areas I would highlight otherwise.Cheek bones, center of the forehead etc chin may be.On the cheeks it made me look very oily.It was hardly even visible.When I stood under the light, I could see a duochrome sheen which was too pink, only at an angle. Otherwise from a distant it looked like my skin it oily.But I have to say it is very natural and not very metallic.

I am in two minds about how pink and natural it is,the pink in it is metallic and it barely shows.I have oily and pinker skin tone most days and it makes me look more pink.It is necessary you use it on a base, on its own it looks bad and too pinky on me.Thankfully the texture is not oily.

It is very light and dull skin would like it a lot.Dry skin can use it too but if you have oily skin or if your skin tone has pink to it please skip it.You need to use very less amount or else you would look like you are sun burnt or something.Do not forget the long list of chemicals.


The worst part is it just vanishes on my oily skin in two hours or even lesser.It simply does not do anything for oily skin but adds a sheen and also might accentuate pores slightly.On the good side it is not shimmery or chunky,it is very subtle.



Try it if you have neutral skin tone, dry and dull skin and like a slight pink sheen to skin.Dry skin would even get some light moisturisation out of it. Please dont expect much from its staying power or visibility.For oily skin it is a miss.It is very overpriced though it is unique.It is not a must have product, just something you could try out of curiosity. Remember this does not have shimmer, only a pink sheen.

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  1. I am searching for a good illuminating cream or lotion sans any shimmer but this is very tricky *scared* *scared* will stay away from it.

  2. Hi Neha….was waiting for your review on this one…my skin is pinkish and oily too, so guess I’d better skip this….was going to try it out of curiosity though. Nice review and pics 🙂

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