Colorbar Star Shine Lipgloss-Bare Truth

Colorbar Star Shine Lipgloss-Bare Truth

The nude gloss lovers rejoice, for today you shall be heard! I am so elated at the gloss I got myself from Colorbar because this is one of the few glosses that have worked for me. Most of you would know I am not a gloss person but this one, ladies, is something that works great for me as a nude gloss with just the right amount of color to it and it works even better on top my lipsticks! Yippy!



Colorbar starshine lipgloss Bare truth

“The Star Shine Lip Gloss is a sheer gloss with glitter that gives the lips a sheen and look of liquid diamonds. It makes the lips look fuller and more enhanced. The Star Shine Lip Gloss is ideal for night and party wear and can be used alone or over a lipstick and is further accentuated with a matching lipstick or lip liner.”

I picked up every possible thing from their exclusive store so you can look forward to many more Colorbar reveiws from my side πŸ˜€ This one though is surprisingly still Rs. 325 and it is exactly like the previous star shine gloss they have ( they still have Tiramisu selling like hot cakes) just that they added this fancy silver box to it keeping in tune with all the other Carton packaging they have now.

Colorbar star shine lip gloss Bare truth


Its a nice sturdy pack with a medium sized gloss tube ( no, not as long as their True Gloss). The applicator is regular doe-foot one and the the tube looks very cute considering the size it is and the shiny silver cap and the color visible from the tube itself. I suggest you throw the carton as it could be a big headache πŸ˜› I am doing that after I am done with the review.

Colorbar star shine lip gloss Bare truth (1)


I must say I am very happy with the gloss,the etxture is thick and sticky and just the way you need for a gloss to stay longer and not bleed. This does not leave that oily residue separated very soon( it does eventually) but you can clearly feel the stickiness in the swatch when you wipe it off but on the lips it is very comfortable and light. It does not feel heavy at all.

Colorbar star shine lip gloss Bare truth swatch


The color is to die for. It is a nude pinky brown with fine silver shimmer to it, and for the first time I love shimmer! The color shows up true on the lips and the shimmer is very subtle, so much so that it could be called a nude gloss.For me it gives the right amount of color to the face and still feels glossy glam,the gloss is shiny but not over the top. I love the color! It makes for a great nude gloss or something to glam up your mattes.Slightly pigmented lips can make this work but I dont suggest this one for pigmented lips.

Colorbar star shine lip gloss Bare truth (4)

Staying power:

It stays fresh for 40 minutes to one hour and then it starts to merge but mind you it does not bleed. The shade looks like a mild lip balm after an hour and after two, it just shines and nothing else. I think it is sticky and hence stays fresh on me for an hour. Other glosses would stay lesser and bleed as well! (yikes!) Since this one is thick, it stays put and I would say it is better than other lighter glosses I have used,this will not survive a meal though!

lip gloss
*All lip swatches without a lipstick
nude lip gloss
*natural light
lip gloss application

Last word:

I am pleased with this thick mild shimmer gloss which serves great as a nude gloss and also looks great on mattes, I recommend this to gloss and lippy lovers equally!

Colorbar star shine lip gloss Bare truth applicator

glossy lips

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22 thoughts on “Colorbar Star Shine Lipgloss-Bare Truth

    1. Neha di !! I have this and love it to bits πŸ™‚ though I’m a complete lippy person, I’m even about to finish the tube !! I also love the ‘ripe apple’ gloss πŸ™‚ do chek it di πŸ™‚ colorbar glosses are a total hit πŸ™‚

  1. ok πŸ™‚ this is awesome :O neha is raving about a gloss and so i need it πŸ™‚ thats it πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ lovely colour πŸ™‚ lovely lip swatch.. this gloss can even tone down a red lip and make it look super amazing πŸ˜€

  2. omg this is such an hg glaoss for office goers. just the right amount of shine and color!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neha yaar you make these products look so lovely that resisting buying them is very difficult yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. didi….i previously reviewed a dazzler lipstick shade 134 and i cant find the pic in the fb page…also i sent two more reviews…one dazzler lip gloss and another L’Oreal which i reminded through mail just now…like 4th time…please check..i have been asking..and this is the only way i got to directly remind….check

  4. Wow.. its lovely shade dear.. Looks super gorgeous on ur lips.. I must tell you i bought same shade in maybelline last week and thought its coral shade.. πŸ™‚

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