Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact Review

It’s been a while that I have tried any face product from Colorbar. I did pick up the Just Smokey Kajal in Just Green a while ago, but nothing after that.  I pick up nail polishes from this brand on a regular basis, but after having a bad experience with the triple compact, *nababana* I have generally stayed away from their face makeup.  But today, I am here with the review of “Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact.” The name promises a lot, but read on to know if it’s any different from your regular makeup compact.

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

Product Description:
Stay timeless and adorn a natural radiance! This shine control smooth and silky compact enriches your skin with a protective anti-ageing network.  Hyaluronic acid for deep hydrating and filling action.  Biological antioxidant pocket for rechargeable antioxidant action. UV filters for sun protection.  Dermatologically tested.  Full coverage. Lightens skin tone. Blends easily. Easy to apply. Smooth texture. Matte finish.

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

Rs. 950

How To Use:
Apply compact on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin with the provided puff using gentle downward strokes. Build coverage gradually.


Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

My Experience with Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact:

I was very excited when I set my eyes on this compact at the counter – mainly the sleek and simple packaging caught my eye.  The packaging is not sturdy, if it slips from the hand even once, that’s gonna be it! Also, there are not many shades available, just three or four I guess.  I picked up the shade “Sweet Shell,” which would suit a variety of dusky and dark skin tones.

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

Talking of the packaging, it’s a pressed powder that’s housed in the top portion of the compact and beneath that there’s a compartment where an applicator sponge is provided.  The applicator is of very bad quality.  It releases these tiny fibers that stick on to the face during application.  Since the cap of the compact case is see through, you can clearly see the powder through it.  The brand name “Colorbar” is embossed on to the powder.  There’s no particular fragrance that I can discern.

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact


Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

Since the powder is in a pressed format, there’s not much fallout. There’s no shimmer or sheen either, so it’s completely matte. I tried to swatch the product on hand, but it’s not that visible, so I gave up on the idea.  A powder brush would be able to pick up the product without causing messiness. I have taken close shots so that you can get an idea about the texture and shade of the powder.

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

Now, I like the matte look it gives, but, and but this compact powder badly highlights all the dry areas on your face. Just one swipe with this powder and you would be able to see all those dry patches out there! It’s a complete no-no for dry skin, it will make your face look parched.  Also, you need to thoroughly exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead and dull skin if you don’t want this powder to highlight them.  It controls shine up to 2 to 3 hours, not more than that.

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

For me, if my face is adequately (I mean thoroughly) moisturized, then there’s no such issue.  However, in this scorching hot and humid weather, I do not want to load my skin with moisturizers and risk greasy face.

I am on the fence over this product, though I love the matte look it provides (after the exfoliation and moisturization process), I really hate it when dry patches are visible on the face.  That’s bad than acne scars you see!

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact

There’s a tendency for it to make the face cakey if the powder is not blended well.

Colorbar timeless compact

Coming to the timeless filling and lifting claim, I feel it’s just a marketing gimmick. I have realized that it’s just an average pressed powder and the price is not justified at all.  I feel that Revlon Touch and Glow compact does an equally better job at mattifying the face sans the dry patches at Rs. 480 only.

Overall, I feel it’s just an average compact with no great benefits.  I will not pick it up again, in fact, I think Colorbar makeup is not for me.

Pros of Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact:

  • Gives a matte look.
  • Non-messy packaging.
  • Controls shine up to 3 hours (in summers).

Cons of Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact:

  • Badly highlights all the dry patches on the face.
  • Price not justified.
  • Hydrating and filling claims are too far fetched.
  • An average compact powder.
  • Bad quality sponge.

IMBB Rating:
2.8/5 (and I am being generous here).

Would I Repurchase Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Compact?

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  1. Oh no! I don’t need to use compact powder cos I have slightly dry skin. But this is such a big disappointment.

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