Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation Review

Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation



Smoothing lightweight Anti-ageing foundation enriched by a biological anti-oxidant pocket that provides a protective, re-chargeable anti-oxidants network. The functional structure of our network allows this action to last in time without exhausting itself and making it long lasting
Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid which deeply hydrates the skin, fills lines and provides Skin lift for flawless firm even skin..

Pump a small amount onto the back of clean hand
Use fingertip, brush or makeup sponge to dab foundation onto face
Blend outward and downward. Check jaw line and hairline to smooth away any obvious edges

Shades available: 3, light linen, soft opal, sweet shell. I got the soft opal as this was the best match and was more yellow which I like.

Like you know I picked up two foundation for my May month haul for IMBB
Honestly I was in need of good foundations, I chucked my older foundations, I bought some more Lotus ecostay ones I love and few others which you might have seen in my reviews.then I was eyeing this heavy duty Maxfactor foundation and this Colorbar one is a new release with interesting claims and it felt very light when I used it at the store.They have corresponding compact powders too which were not smooth at all and were heavily priced.I was keen on the foundation so here it is.


The pricing is really too much and Colorbar needs to be put a halt on this price hike if they want girls to try their stuff and not stop buying from them. They cannot jump at MAC prices like this for no rhyme or reason. When I say this, I am actually frowning! Anyway this foundation is meant for aging skin IMO but worked great for me, for a change.The shade has the right yellow to it which I like and the blending factor is beautiful.The foundation feels so light weight and so gentle and blends like some moisturizer but works perfectly like a light foundation.


I would say the coverage is medium and the finish is matte. No, I could not see any luminous glow or anything of the sort but it is not a dry powder matte either. It is just right to tame the oil, conceal light flaws and dark circles lightly and also to provide coverage for the whole day almost.Yes, I wore this at 12 noon once and purposely avoided the powder to set it and wow, this lasted me almost 5 hours with very slight oil, beyond which I stopped counting. This will last you all through office with a setting powder, trust me.


Like the previous lip mender and other products’ pump, this pump is a major fail too! The pump like you can see has a small pipe and thankfully I could open the lid unlike the lip mender so I can dispense the foundation on my own. Two pumps will be needed for the whole face if you are wondering and this will act as a light concealer too.


Now the claim of filling and lifting, yes I could see smoother finish and lighter smaller pores and the forehead looked little smoother too. I also wore this with another foundation on the other side of the face to check and compare and yes this one was smoother, natural looking and even lasted longer without any oil on the surface.The center of the forehead was slightly oily after 3 hours without a powder.Also I noticed this does not oxidize at all, which is splendid, I hate foundations that oxidise!


I find the finish natural , it blends very well with duo fiber brush or a flat brush or fingers.There is no whitish cast on this shade. It does not look cakey and there is no oily feel to or any pore blocking feel to this one.It photographs wells as this has no pink or white cast to it. This will last you long if you set it, you can expect 6 hours in regular weather at least.



This did not break me out or cause any skin sensitivity post removal on my oily acne-prone skin at 29.This will not diminish or cover your pores and scars but it does make skin look smoother.

My only problems are the shade selection (just 3), the pump failure, the pricing and the quantity. Some may need more coverage too.Apart from that, I quite like this foundation. Yes, I do recommend it to all skin types for medium coverage and office wear, if you find your shade match and comfortable with the pricing.

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32 thoughts on “Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation Review

  1. *hunterwali* woah…1050 for 30 ml..colorbar guys are really upto something…huh!! But above all the product looks good…now I have to look for the suitable share… *shy*

  2. Wow that is a total winner *happydance* no break-outs, does not oxidise *happydance* I’m gonna get it this one next *happydance*

    1. You are talking about pricing Jomol rofl You got Dior remember *shy* *drool* Everyone here on IMBB wants that Dior foundation U have *drool* *hihi*

  3. Hey, we’re the same age! Don!t wanna turn 30 yet. *scared*

    hehee back to topic though, this is expensive for a drugstore brand, though it does look nice and smooth.

  4. Awsome review Neha *woot* *woot* will check it out in my next colorbar store visit *powder* *happy dance*

      1. oh being blessed with oily skin, i am always on the look out for light weight foundations.. I will definitely check this out as summers is making my oily skin go even worse *cry*

  5. This looks like an awesome foundation but the price is crazy for a colorbar product. *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* good review :))

  6. Lovely review as always *happy dance* *happy dance* this sounds really good and you have given it a good rating too *drool* *drool* but i think i need more coverage *headbang* *headbang*

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