Colorbar True Gloss in Pink Peony Review

Colorbar True Gloss in Pink Peony

Hello Dolls,

Like the velvet matte lipsticks I wanted to review the “Colorbar True gloss” also, and finally this shade gave me a chance to review the true gloss on IMBB. My pick is “pink peony”. Let’s see how this gloss fared on me.

Product Details: Innovative extra hold liquid Lipstick with High Shine Gloss. True Glosses glide on extra smooth and fell ahh-mazingly silky & luxurious. Give the lips a 3 dimensional look with high color pay off, making them appear fuller and sensual. With high shine and super softening agent keeping lips soft and smooth.

Colorbar True Gloss inPink Peony

Price: INR 550 for 3.5 ml.

Packaging: The gloss comes in a long, transparent gloss bottle, with a steel cap. The applicator is a doe- foot one & picks the right amount of gloss for a single application. The bottle comes safely packed in a steel color carton box, you’ll find the shade name mentioned both on the outer pack and on the bottom of the gloss bottle. The packaging seems to be nice, travel friendly and sturdy too.

Colorbar True Gloss in Pink Peony

My Take on Colorbar True Gloss in Pink Peony:

Shade, Texture & Pigmentation: Honestly, I am a pigmented gloss person. And I don’t like sticky, too much shimmery glosses also. For my kind of people, this gloss is an apt choice. The shade ‘pink peony’ is an exactly the color of a “Peony” flower. In simple words it’s a very bright deep kind of pink, without any blue undertones or any kind of shimmers in it. This kind of pink will instantly brightens up the complexion and is also perfect to wear everyday or in parties, it’s a very girly bright pink color. The pink will suit fair- medium skin tones nicely; dusky skin tones can skip this kind of bright pink.

Colorbar True Gloss in PinkPeony

Texture of this gloss is like a liquid cream, it’s thick but not sticky; it’s so smooth and creamy on lips, glides effortlessly and doesn’t weigh down lips. They are really very hydrating. I like the fact how these glosses works as a liquid lip color and gloss too. Initially the finish is really pigmented & glossy.

The gloss is really much pigmented; the color is very intense & rich in one swipe. And gives opaque coverage and hides imperfections of lips very well.

Colorbar True Gloss inPinkPeony

Staying Power: The gloss has amazing staying power, the creamy layer of gloss stays for 2.5 – 3 hours on me, with eating & drinking. After that the creamy layer goes away and it leaves behind a strong stain which lasts for more 2 -3 hrs easily. Rather the lip gloss is very intensely pigmented, but the opacity of the color does fades a bit after heavy meals, though the gloss will still be there on your lips. Touch- ups will be needed for pigmented lips, because it makes the darker areas visible after then.

ColorbarTrueGloss in Pink Peony

Pros of Colorbar True Gloss in Pink Peony:

• A very pretty, bright pink color. It’s true to its name “Pink peony”.
• Texture is very smooth and creamy.
• Glides easily on lips, like a butter cream.
• The color of the gloss is so that it’ll instantly brighten up the whole face.
• Non- sticky texture.
• Packaging is pretty & sturdy.
• You’ll like this gloss, if you like shimmer free glosses. Because this one is absolutely a shimmer & frost free gloss.
• Despite of being a bright pink color, I find the shade wearable for everyday. Because it doesn’t have a neon-ish or blue-ish touch to it.
• The gloss is extremely pigmented.
• Considering it a gloss it stays really well, the gloss itself stays for 3 hours added with it the stain also remains for 2 hours.
• It doesn’t exaggerate dry, flaky lips.
• The gloss easily survives heavy meals. It’s doesn’t fades away in once.

Colorbar TrueGloss in Pink Peony

Cons of Colorbar True Gloss in Pink Peony:

• The stubborn stain it leaves behind is really tough to remove.

Colorbar True GlossPink Peony

Recommendation: I’ll surely recommend this pink to everyone. I loved the color very much and I think it’s one the best shade of them all. It’s a very bright pink, so you gonna keep the all over makeup very minimal. This shade will really make you stand out and at the same time won’t look gaudy.

I’ll buy the other shades to review.

IMBB Rating: 4.5 /5.

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