Colorbar True Gloss-Bitten Red,Review,LOTD

Colorbar True Gloss-Bitten Red,Review,LOTD

Making the most of my trip to Pune again, I bought myself some crazy amount of Colorbar, yes we don’t have an exclusive store in Chennai and hence the madness! Honestly, there is so much Colorbar is constantly doing  so much with its products that you cannot escape trying them out!


Rs. 495


Colorbar True Gloss Bitten Red

On my last trip to Colorbar, I had swatched some of these pretties, now they have two similalrly packaged glosses, one is regular shimmer gloss in pout perfect and another one is this gorgeous liquid lip color or lip gloss as they would call it, called “true gloss”. This is most luscious-looking lip color you would have seen.

Colorbar True Gloss BittenRed (2)

The color is a hot red, true blood red, and I thought it would be fun to try out a liquid red lip color for a change and I am glad I did. The color reminds me of this one from Revlon, but Revlon is only half as pigmented.

red lip gloss

The packaging is very nice and simple, and the wand is regular, but the best part is that is that it is not a gloss, it is like a liquid lip color, it is insanely pigmented, so red, and you need to use it almost like a lip stain, or you could use it to fill your lips up. The color is so suacy and luscious and very surprisingly, it still would not bleed.

Colorbar True Gloss Bitten Red Swatch

Okay,so it is insanely pigmented, luscious but does not bleed, stays on forever and you need very little, but what is the one single issue I have with it? It leaves behind a stain! Since it is so red, I am ready to give it a benefit of doubt and say that it leaves an obvious red stain which I remove using a wet makeup-removing wipe. So far so good. Since it is so creamy and saucy, it is obvious that it would transer on to cups etc. which is fine by me.

I am in love with this top-quality product, it is a lip gloss and lip color wearer’s dream come true, it is too good to be true. Owing to the staining part, I am going to give it:

IMBB Rating:


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  1. i don’t know how on earth i missed this post! 😮 omg! this is insanely gorgeous! on my wishlist <3 🙂

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