Colorbar True Gloss-Vintage Rose

Colorbar True Gloss-Vintage Rose

These glosses have really surprised me,these are like the thickest liquid lipsticks you would have ever seen. The pigmentation is so insane that it could actually go out of control. These come in such hot colors that they could be hard to handle. One such shade is Vintage rose. A true hot pink, almost fuchsia, wear it at your own risk 😛


INR 495

Colorbar true gloss vintage rose

On my last trip to Colorbar, I had swatched some of these pretties, now they have two similarly packaged glosses, one is regular shimmer gloss in pout perfect and another one is this gorgeous liquid lip color or lip gloss as they would call it, called “true gloss”. This is most luscious-looking lip color you would have seen.

Colorbar true gloss vintage rose (3)

The packaging is very nice and simple, and the wand is regular, but the best part is that is that it is not a gloss, it is like a liquid lip color, it is insanely pigmented, so pink, and you need to use it almost like a lip stain, or you could use it to fill your lips up. The color is so saucy and luscious and very surprisingly, it still would not bleed.

Colorbar true gloss vintage rose (8)

Colorbar true gloss vintage rose swatches

The color is very deep and you could use it as a satin too honestly i have one tip to give to avoid the stain and that is to wear it over a lip pencil. Apply a pink or nude lip pencil all over your lips and then apply this and spread, this reduces the eminent stain. The color really brightens the face up and I will recommend this to fair to medium skin tones with pink undertones, skin tones with yellow undertones can skin this totally.

Colorbar true gloss vintage rose (5)
The color is so thick and creamy that it is a great product for making your lips look fuller and shape your lips. This is not technically a gloss you would wear over lipstick but this does help to make your lips fuller. The gloss has a minty smell and tingly feel to it, though very mild.

Colorbar true gloss vintage rose (6)

Okay,so it is insanely pigmented, luscious but does not bleed, stays on forever and you need very little, but what is the one single issue I have with it? It leaves behind a stain! Since it is so pink, I am ready to give it a benefit of doubt and say that it leaves an infamous hot pink stain that most Colorbar velvet mattes do. You need to remove it using a wet makeup-removing wipe. So far so good. Since it is so creamy and saucy, it is obvious that it would transfer on to cups etc. which is fine by me.

without flash:
hot pink lips

with flash:
hot pink lips 2

I am in love with this top-quality product, it is a lip gloss and lip color wearer’s dream come true, it is too good to be true. Owing to the staining part, I am going to give it-


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22 thoughts on “Colorbar True Gloss-Vintage Rose

  1. oooooohhhhh i just love this colour…. totally falling for it… And you have very wonderful lips neha… thanks for the review :)… Hail the queen of lipsticks and lipgloss and lips what not 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. fainttttttttttttt ….. these are too good ya and ur lip swatch makes it look even more better… aap toh hamara bank a/c khaali kar dogi… hihihi 😀

  3. omg Neha.. i was eyeing this from the earlir swatches..:-) .. wowww almost a liquid lipppishhtickk..:-) greaaat 🙂 ..will definately buy it ob your recco..:-) its my moshttt fav color 🙂 ..and me lovveling the cute piccyz and url ip swatch is 10 on 10 heheh 🙂

  4. I wish they had some muted colours , but you carried it off amazingly ^_^ you must be the possessor of a very beautiful complexion.

  5. aww neha this shade looks so gorgeous n appealing on ur lips.. 🙂 I remember i ws shy of applying it it in store know.. 🙁 What a perfect sense of make up and above that presentation sense u hv got.. hats off!!

  6. I hauled a few of these in November, I love this one the best coz of its lovely colour. You’re right, super rich & pigmented in colour, just like a liquid lipstick, complete full coverage lip gloss…I love these. 🙂

  7. Nehaaaaaaaa!!!! Loved thissss!!!!!
    Although I dont think this would suit me, I would definitely go and check other shades.
    Also, if a lipstick/gloss leaves a stain behind, that means it has a high content of lead na??

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