Colorbar True Shine Lip Glosses – Debut, Fairy Dust

Colorbar True Shine Lip Glosses – Debut, Fairy Dust

Like you know Rati sent me these gorgeous glosses to review, you can take a look at all of them in detail with comparisons here. At the moment, these are coming in very handy for me, because I am in the phase where I love to apply some lip gloss over matte lipsticks. Hence I am liking these glosses.

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss Debut Fairy Dust

These are out and out shimmer glosess, these have very little color but all shine and shimmer and so wearing them alone does not appeal to me at all! I think these are best used over a lipstick, and on their own they impart barely any color or shape to the lips, which is much needed in my case.

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss - Debut, Fairy Dust (5)

If you are some one who only likes hint of gloss or shimmer with a very mild tint, or have fuller lips and dont really need to add any shape then these are great for you. The packaging is really cute and feels heavy, not at all weak to carry around,and reminds me very much of Mac lip gloss. It has a mild minty tangy smell to it, it is not too much and I think i quite like it.

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss - Debut, Fairy Dust (4)

The texture is very much like lakme absolute glosses and colorbar star shine gloss these feel very sheer, only some shimmer is visible with barely any color to it.On their own they make lips look appear shiny and a bit full when applied to the centre of the lips over lipstick.

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss - Debut, Fairy Dust (8)

Debut is a brown red tinted with silver shimmer to it, fairy dust is a pink with silver but mainly the silver and nothing else shows up.. Debut is great over lippies and adds a little dimension and color, but fairy dust adds no color but makes your lips or lipstick appear silver, hence I think these are best over a lipstick, when you have some color on your lips already, I cannot wear them alone at all!

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss - Debut, Fairy Dust swatches

The texture does not feel heavy or sticky or anything that will bother, it feels light, does not bleed much and you really dont get much color, if you do, then you need to add a LOT of gloss, count on your lippues to give you color. the staying power is pretty average too 1-2 hours and the worst part is when it fades or you wipe it off, it leaves a TON of silver shimmer, so please avoid wearing it when you dont have mirror and wet wipe handy!

Top: left Debut, right Fairy Dust (both on pink lipstick)

Bottome: left Debut, right Fairy Dust,(both alone)


4 glossy lips

Sorry for the horrid LOTDs, I just cant carry shimmer lip glosses. The darker one is Debut and the lighter pink is Fairy Dust!

Over all attractive glosses with hardly any color but lots of shimmer and wet look for you lippies, i like to wear them on top of some color, never on their own! pigmented lips, avoid!!

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17 thoughts on “Colorbar True Shine Lip Glosses – Debut, Fairy Dust

  1. Hey Neha

    Loved debut on you… infact, alone itself it looks nice…

    And you saying abt horrible LOTD…. no way! *nonono* *nonono* *nababana* *nababana*

    Am scared of sending a lippie review only because don’t have the courage to do an LOTD at all… *scared* *scared* *scared*

    U do awesome LOTDs sweetie! *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  2. Loved Both the shades! Especially Debut on its own…
    Did I read Horrid LOTD? *shock*
    Nehhaaaaa No one can ever beat you on you LOTD’s… you are the inspiration behind all the LOTD’s here I’m sure! *puchhi*

  3. I loved Debut on you, Neha! *woot* *woot*
    I gotta get it!!

    Maybe you can pair it with a peach lippie *specs*

  4. shimmer shimmer… there are a very few shimmery glosses that suit me.. *nababana* *nababana*

    Neha loving your new display picture… *haan ji* *haan ji* those bangs look stunning on you.. *happydance* *happydance*

  5. Hey Neha di the swatches are damn Hawwwwttt *woot* *woot* i loved the debut one with your pink lippie… its looking stunning… *whistle* *whistle* if you call your lotd horrid then what would be our lotds lol *hihi* *hihi* they are damn gorgeous man as always *puchhi*

  6. Hey neha .. I just adore ur writing skills .. U write it in such a way as we are actually viewing the product ourself… *whistle*

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