Colorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector Review

Colorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector

An all-in-one problem solver that says goodbye to breakouts, clogged pores and post-acne scarring. Powered with ‘Salicylic Acid’ and ‘Sea Belt Extract’ this product effectively fights acne and cuts sebum levels.


Just pump out a small amount and dab directly to affected area one to two times daily. Gentle on skin and powerful enough to prevent new blemishes.


This is my last product from the Colorbar skin care haul.Well most products turned out average and all are really overpriced,they have tried to be very unique with catchy names but sometimes the product simply did not work.Moreover most products are average.Take a look at this blemish corrector, in other words something to combat pimples and heal them faster and discourage them from reappearing.It is gentle enough to be used a couple of times.


It comes in a similar pump style like the lip mender.Well the lip mender was a disaster and the pump stopped working after a week.Thankfully the opposite happened with this pump.The dispensing was a problem initially but later on it it worked fine.This is a light water based cream like product and for me it looks like more of a gentle peel for the skin to dry out the pimple ridden area and also calm it down.


I love the fact that this goes on invisible,it feels very mild.After you clean and moisturise skin, you can go ahead and apply this in a light film on the acne prone area.I had some tiny eruptions on the sides of the forehead so I applied this for say two days.It went on matte and invisible and looks like it is absorbed into the skin.But when I woke up I did see some reduction in the tiny pimples.The skin looked calmer and soother.

Likewise I tried it on some blocked pores, but nothing happened.This was way too mild for bigger skin blemisehs.This acts more like a soothing prioduct and I find it too mild to combat real acne.Infact this looks like it can rubbed off when you rub your skin, you get some kind of dryness off.I think this sits on the skin like a mild peel for the pimples.


I do not have any breakouts as of now but yes this corrector can be used as a preventive measure when you see some kind of skin trouble.for me it works to take off a day from the pimple cycle if it is mild.It kind of soothes irritated skin and works best for me overnight.However it would not work in a strong way for bigger acne issues.

Use it daily as a maintenance and preventive measure, on open or blocked pore where you think your skin is acne prone./use it to calm down acne redness,but dont expect miracles out of this, it is way too mild.Try it if you are looking for something that sits on breakouts invisibly and can be worn udner make up too but you have to use it religiously.

The whole range is overpriced IMO and works quite average,I like the night creme and the water cleanser only so to say which I can think of repurchasing.At this cost and efficacy, I do not think I will look at Colorbar skin care again.

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