Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Hearts and Tarts Review

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Hearts and Tarts Review

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Hearts and Tarts Review

You must have heard me cribbing about how the formula on these Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks has changed for the worst. It was me who used to recommend these lipsticks highly long ago when they had an amazing creamy formula and the packing was simple; the square transparent one, but this one with the new round packing and of course bad and staining formula that feels hard with the price hike is something I really won’t like to recommend.

I have been using Colorbar since 2005, yes more or less when the brand was launched and when the “Velvet Matte” lipsticks were around 75 rupees, then it hiked to Rs. 95, then to Rs. 225, and now I think Rs. 250 at many places! I don’t know what made them make the formula so staining and no matter what the shade is, the lipstick stains a cheap hot pink stain!

Hearts and Tarts

The removal is a real pain as the stain just won’t go away. I need to hold the cotton with an oil-based remover on it for 30 seconds and then repeat this thrice!  I really can’t crib anymore about how the new formula on this lipstick has worsened!

Hearts and Tarts

I have bought some 10 of these new formula Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks and all of them stain. I have bought them from all over, Bangalore, Chennai, even online, but all of them stain. I think I could have given a benefit of doubt to a couple of these, but 10 or more lipsticks that stain means the formula is crazy now.

Hearts and Tarts

This particular color in deep red, I think is a classic red with orange undertones.  This feels a little stiff to swipe and the color no doubt is very pigmented and goes opaque in one swipe.  The formula is not so creamy as they once were, but rather harder now. The color is deep and no shimmer or frost, but deep thick red color with a little bit of moisture finish to it, which vanishes in some time and this lipstick goes on matte.

Hearts and Tarts

After some time, say two hours, the lipstick turns into a pinkish shade mixed with red; that is I am talking about the pink stain it leaves behind. As you have your meals and go about the day, the lipstick fades off and leaves a very bright, cheap pink stain on the lips. This looks horrid on my tired face by the end of the day and needs to be removed with much effort.


With Flash

Hearts and Tarts

Without Flash

Hearts and Tarts

All in all, I have never ever used a lipstick that stains so much, and you all, by now know that I have used and tried way more lipsticks than you have!

Last Word:

Hearts and Tarts

In an effort to improvise, Colorbar has hiked the price of this lipstick to Rs. 250, but unfortunately, there is no improvisation on the formula. The earlier formula which was fantastic has vanished and I ask them what made them manufacture such staining lipsticks instead of a better velvet matte. Its not just one shade that I am talking about, more than 10 of my shades stain and I obviously bought them in bulk unfortunately. I will be reviewing all the shades I have soon. May be I am more hurt because I used to love the older “Velvet Matte” for the past 6 years or so. They definitely have better lipsticks in the “Soft Touch” range, which I recommend, but as for this one, there are numerous red lipsticks, which you can buy if you ignore this one!

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29 thoughts on “Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Hearts and Tarts Review

  1. I dont own a single Colorbar lippie and this Stain thing scares me big time! 🙁 the shade is nice but I am horrified by reading how difficult it is to take these off!

  2. I agree few of colorbar lipsticks are quite strong and just dont get removed fortunately i have never faced that much issue as more of these which i have are in nudes and brown range

  3. Colorbar are you listening….we want 2005 wala formula back if you want colorbar to find place in our vanity again!!! 😐

  4. how come i did not face that problem..strange i have one in pretty please and it does not stain at all. The colour fades away and comes off with water. It is a beautiful coral colour

  5. that’s a super gorgeous red neha- very close to chanel passion. I love such cool toned reds. They are not too overwhelming but still give that fresh pop of color on face. 🙂 but sad it is such a disappointing lipstick overall. :(( you still made it look so pretty with your gorgeous lip swatch. :-*

  6. if this such an issue, why doesn’t colorbar look into the stainning part??? yes Neha i did have lipsticks which were first launched, they were cheap and much better in quality…. i hope colorbar takes notice of this….!!! nevertheless this color looks great on ur lips Neha 😉

  7. Neha I totally love your lip swatches… Please please let us know how you apply lip colors. your lip color application looks so perfect.. 🙂

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