Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick: High Tea Review

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick: High Tea Review

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick High Tea Review

I am back again with a lipstick review and about a lipstick that I cribbed about lately :P, regarding the change of formula of these Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks.  I have been using them since 2006 and those were the days of creamier and thicker lipsticks from this range and these are just the opposite and the deeper colors stain like crazy.

High Tea

I am reviewing a soft brown for your girls today, more of a nude I would say.  Priced at Rs. 225 (now Rs. 250 I think), this is a cream lipstick and not really a matte one.  The packing like you can see is a little better than the earlier square one. I like how the color peeps at the bottom like those NYX round lipsticks and I have never tried opening the base of either of them.

The lipstick on its own, let me tell you, is just another plain Jane brown with a very average texture.  These lipsticks once used to be so thick and dense that one swipe was enough to cover any pigmented lips, but this one is very light in texture.  I find I need to swipe it on and on to use and as such its a very light color.  For the picture, I must have used it thrice at least because its not a soft and creamy lipstick, but a little hard unlike those lipsticks, which leave a whole layer of color on.

High Tea

People who like sheer lips, soft browns, and nude colors may like this one.  This shade I must say is very dull and sucks the life out of my face on a dull day. I honestly think this will make a very nice nude on tanned and dusky skin, but for me, it makes me look ill.

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High Tea

One good thing about this lipstick is that thankfully it does not leave any pink stains behind and it is not as drying as others deeper shades from the range.  So, this fades off evenly and naturally in some two hours.

High Tea

Last Word:

High Tea

I am not happy with the texture.  Its not thick and luscious, but just another regular brown. I would say the Streetwear lipsticks I have reviewed for Rs. 140 feel the same or even better. I know there are many better shades in Colorbar, but this one shade is some thing you must have used and seen a lot of times earlier! Apart from the name, nothing tempts me to reach out for this one 😛

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39 thoughts on “Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick: High Tea Review

  1. I love the shade!! Looks so good on your lips………I am sorry the texture is not great but l love such shades

  2. Neha… I love your lip swatches :* On your lips, it has come out a nice pink. He he…..I just hope Colorbar brings back the old texture of the lipstick that you long for 🙂

  3. On seeing the hand swatch, its like “My shade” 🙂
    it turns to light pink on ur lips 😉
    i will check it out..
    Nice review neha..

  4. loved the soft brown shade neha. easy to go kind!! 🙂

    you know I bought the vaseline cocoa body lotion and I am loving it. Sanjeev was complaining about me already having a body lotion and why did i needed another one. So I said but neha had given good reviews to it and I needed one to keep handy on the vanity. Job done! 😛 😛

  5. its an ok ok color Neha …bt lipsticks look diff on diff people as in some have pigmented lips and some don’t….. yes agree with ur saying abt revlon streetwear lipsticks…. i got the pink pie u reviewed and i got pink champagne frm streetwear…. love it fr the price!!! they have lots of colors …. i am looking to building up my street wear collection now… :p i already have 7 to 8 lippies in the purple packaging already (old ones) :p………

  6. The Lipstick color looks good.. and your lip swatch is very pretty.. i became a fan of streetware lippies now neha.. thanks to u.. :*

  7. This is my first colorbar lipstick! And I love how it looks against my dusky skin 🙂 Very natural and soft. I tried Creme cup but that came out HOT PINK on me!! 😐 So settled for this one. I wanna buy bare next!

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