Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick: Special Mauve

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick: Special Mauve

I know, I always sulk about these and yet, I pick them up all the time. Somehow, they manage to make great shades which stain a hot pink and dry out lips over time and, what not. I wish they had a consistent performance, but they don’t. This particular shade in special is again a great blue-based mauve or plum , but same old story. It stains and dries out lips. In fact, it can make for a very good lip stain.

Colorbar velvet matte lipstick special mauve

The lipstick is my favorite in terms of a wearable plum shade, a wearable blue-based lipstick is rare for me. Initially, I used to love their shade in “Berry Fizz” and “Temptation” both of which are blue-based plums. Now for this one, this is a great purple,very bold and vampy and still wearable as a stain.


The texture of the lipstick is creamy. It is hard but when you swipe it, it delivers a lot of color with the rub it gets. It is very pigmented and thick, just what I like. It also goes pure matte on the lips. but again, after some time, I feel it dries out my lips very badly. I feel my lips are parched after a while and even when I remove it, it leaves a pink stain and leaves lip very dry.


You will definitely need an oil-based makeup remover for this.Otherwise you will end up rubbing your lips with tissue or cotton wool over and over again.Here is a word of caution for dry-lipped girls. Stay away! What should I say about the staying power when this lipstick starts to dry out lips within an hours of wear. If you can bare that, you can use this as a stain.


All their new shades in Cherry shy, Peach Crush,Obsessed Orange,Special Mauve,Thrilling Pink,”Secretly Pink”, most of them stain a hot pink, the formula is drying and the texture unlike what they had earlier.I would really suggest you invest in the Soft Touch Lipstick from Colorbar and their limited colors from Diva lipsticks and the “Creme Touch” ones if you can visit a Colorbar Exclusive Store.But you can honestly avoid buying these.These used to be my first love once upon a time when they had the older packing.

lip swatch

Last word:

Even though they came out with such great new shades, they couldn’t make the formula better, moisturising and less staining. I love the shade and nothing else about the lipstick.

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19 thoughts on “Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick: Special Mauve

  1. Neha as always my evening tea along with your lip swatch. Both made to perfection!!!!!!!!!!!! Will never have the nerve to try such a mauve but i see models weraing such shades often! Guess it compliments most of the outfits!

    1. LOL sandhya please send in some tea 🙂
      I have to make some
      yeah we can also go dab dab with this shade …its a nice one for some complexions
      thanks a lot 🙂

  2. u have almost become synonymous with Lip colors neha….. 🙂 wonderful as always………… and congrts n joining IMBB team tooooo

  3. 2! haaaw! but the color is sooooo pretty!! & th LOTD is perrrrfect *madhuri on Jhalak D Ja style(if u wantch that)* 😀

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