Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion Review

Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion

PRice – Rs. 850.00

An ultralight moisturiser formulated for oil/combination’ skin. A gentle mix of ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ and ‘Sea Belt Extract’ makes this a multi-functional shine control formula that hydrates, protects and fights against fine lines and wrinkles.


Apply and massage gently into just-cleansed, toned and treated skin. Apply each day as a base for the smoothest makeup application.


Today I am reviewing a lotion that I am actually dread.I am allergic to sunscreens I think, anything to do with benzophenone-3.I avoid day creams,anti-aging creams and also sunscreens.This lotion tunred out a disaster for me.Find out more:

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I used this lotion for two days.Then the third day I got little itchy red bumpy swollen skin. No, I am not saying the lotion is the problem,it has sun protection that I am allergic to.

The lotion is very much sunscreen-like in texture.It is thick.Once you rub it in, it is absorbed making skin look matte and slightly smooth.It makes for an ideal base for makeup.I don’t say you look fair wearing this but yes you can feel a powdery matte feel to the skin.


In other aspects I like the packaging a lot.There is no cap but when you twist the cap the nozzle comes out and then the lotion can be pumped out.Though it is free of parabens and sulphates, this has a long list of harsh chemicals.In my few days of usage I can tell you it feels like a sunscreen.

It controls oil for a few hours. after which it just melts away into the skin oils.The lotion is a good base for makeup and also for sun protection.Apart from that it did nothing as I had to stop using it.I had to use some betnovate cream to tone down red bumpy skin.This kind of allergy I also witness when I try anti-aging creams.SO this is a total fail for me unfortunately.


If you are okay with sunscreens, fairness and anti aging creams,looking for a matte day wear lotion, then try this.It is overpriced but the quantity is good enough.One thing I have to worn you is though it did not cause any burning, this product is not at all mild or gentle.My allergy is another side of the story but anyone with sensitive skin should avoid.I am happy with my lacto calamine lotion.This is not for my sensitive skin.

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  1. Strange it might sound, but I think that oily skin is always sensitive. When companies make products for oily skin, they should always keep sensitivity in mind.. *haan ji*

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