Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review

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Hope you all are doing well. The other day I noticed that I start all my posts on IMBB with this very same sentence but then again, I can’t help it! 😛 Ok, now I am done pakaoing (boring) you all, so let’s come to the review of Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick.

Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review2

I am not a fan of dark shades like browns and deep purples, but the other day I was out shopping, I had to round off the sum so decided to purchase this one. I still have no clue what made me buy this particular shade, maybe the fact that I didn’t have any dark brown in my collection.

The innovative formula of vitamin E, jojoba oil and licorice extract reduces lines, repair cracked lips and gives you an enticing glossy finish for optically more volume. It is available in 18 shades.

INR 150

My Experience with Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick:

It comes in this simple black plastic case with a silver colored metallic band and Coloressence written on it. The entire range looks same so it might be difficult to locate a particular shade if you have many from this range. To differentiate the shades, just a small sticker on the bottom has been provided that tells the shade name and number. But, the sticker will come off eventually. The lipstick locks with a click and is quite sturdy. So, it is travel friendly, but not attractive looking at all.

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Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review

I don’t have much to say about the shade. It is a dark brown shade with lots of shimmer which shows upon the lips. Texture wise, it is not so smooth and is a little rough on the lips. The glitter feels chunky while applying.

Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review1

This was my first lipstick from Coloressence and frankly, I was disappointed that the shade looks very ugly on lips. The shimmer and the color gets settled into the fine lines and it looks as if I have applied some bronzer on my lips with a lip balm. If there was no shimmer in the shade, it would have looked beautiful because the shade is dark brown that suits all skin tones.

Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review3

Coming to the staying power, it stays on my lips for 2 hours without eating. With a lip balm beneath it, it stays for some more time. Consistency wise, it is neither too creamy nor matte. It spreads nicely on the lips. The lipstick is decently pigmented. One swipe is enough for pigmented lips. It completely covers up pigmented lip with 2-3 swipes and lucky beauties with pink lips just need a single swipe.

Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review2

It fades unevenly, leaving the glitter behind. I almost had a mini heart attack when I saw the horrible glitter on my lips. It has a very mild smell, so sensitive noses won’t have any problem. Overall, I am just going to throw it away!


Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review4

Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review5

On Fading:

Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick Review6

This is how it wears off leaving the horrible glitter behind

Pros of Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick:

• I don’t think there is any except that it is dirt cheap!

Cons of Coloressence 202 Choco Glame Lipstick:

• Almost everything!
• The chunky shimmer particles.
• Settles into fine lines.
• Fades unevenly.

I will never buy this lipstick again, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone!

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