Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review

Hello ladies,

Today I am reviewing the variant Antique Ruby from the Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color range.

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review1

INR 350 for 8 ml

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review5

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review6

Shelf Life:
3 years

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My Experience with Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color:

These lip colors come in a sleek, rectangular tube with a fine black twist cap and a transparent sticker label. From my personal experience, I find fancy packagings to be a bit bulky and difficult to stuff in your clutches. When you desperately want to carry a lip color, you have to think about alternatives. But these are good to go, can be stuffed with class and spotted with ease in any carry case.

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review

Unlike what I expected, the color turned out to be a different shade of red which is more of a deep, settled plum based red. I thought I had finally got my chunk of lip color for winters as I was on the lookout for a similar shade. If you see the swatches, you will understand. This antique wine and pink color leans towards the red. It is a shade that has one of those subtle, pinkish-red undertones to it.

More than just satisfied with the color, I thought I must wear it for the winters. A great winter color especially for fair complexioned beauties; if you are uncertain about a bold lip color, you could try this one. It would highlight your skin tone with minimal or even zero makeup.

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review2

This intense lip color is more like a matte lipstick that is initially creamy and settles into a fine matte within no time. This lip color would work in favor of fair complexioned beauties; it lifts the overall look. In case you have medium pigmented lips, it is likely to cover every bit. The lipstick is heavily pigmented even with a mediocre staying power, and are likely to stain your outfits which can put you in a spot.

Both the times with this color it was in an unpleasant situation where once it stained my white tunic and the second time my face when I was doing the hand swatches. Must say that when spread well, ‘Antique Ruby’ makes a good blush. 😛 Jokes apart, lip color that heavily stains is the last thing you want!

Definitely light on the lips, these lip colors do not hydrate your lips for sure, but do tend to dry out your lips with time. I would strongly recommend this for winters as an everyday color only if you have your lip balms stashed in place and handy with you. They are also a tad bit sticky. Once the color settles, if you gently rub your lips, you will feel that. Nothing that is highly disturbing though. Speaking of which, it carries a synthetic melon like fruity smell which really bothers me. Usually I am not impacted by the smell, but this one ‘nay’!

Consistency and Finish:
This lip color is smooth and creamy and glide easily on your lips with an applicator that offers pretty good precision. The process is smooth and in fact, in my opinion, you would not require a lip liner. It has a consistency more like a lip crème that settles matte. It is easy to apply for anyone even for a beginner which I see as a huge upside to this lip wear, except that be careful about rushing it.

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review7

Pigmentation and Staying Power:
The more intense the color, the more color pay off and so is the staining part. The applicator offers a very good finish that helps to finish the lips in one dip. For touch ups, another dip should be fine. Maybe an extra bit of the product can be smoothly applied on the outer corners on the pigmented area and can be worked towards the inner corners. With the pigmentation of a lipstick, it only mildly transfers to cutlery, although it is likely to stain a lot.

Once its sets, if left undisturbed, it is likely to last for easily six hours; although with time, it tends to slowly dry up. Else, with water and a snack, it would slowly fade leaving an uneven finish after a full meal. The staying power is mediocre, also depends on how you handle it. It does not bleed or feather but settles into the lip lines in a strange, uneven manner (which is unpleasant).

If you can settle with the cons, the staining part and the uneven fading, ‘Antique Ruby’ is a great shade that I would certainly vote for. Overall, a color that resembles to Tarte’s Blushing bride cheek stain and the smell of Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers is probably what Antique Ruby has for you, only a little more solid and intense. One final tip – I would strongly recommend you to prep your lips, exfoliate and use a lip balm before application for a neat finish.

Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review4

Pros of Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color:

• Packaging – sleek tube which looks classy
• Color – berry pink color that can be a comfortable winter wear
• Texture – light on the lips, and instantly sets to a matte finish
• ‘Antique Ruby’ works in favor of pigmented lips, especially for medium to fair complexion
• Affordable
• Easy to carry; purse friendly
• Easy re-application
• Good staying power – lasts a drink and snack and leaves a stain post a full meal
• Contains jojoba oil, almond oil and Vitamin E as active ingredients

Cons of Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color:

• No ingredient list
• Stains a lot
• Stains are tough to remove
• Tad bit sticky
• Carries a synthetic fruity smell which can disturb sensitive noses

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color?
Well if I manage to eye them again, I would repurchase. I really like this particular matte finish winter shade and I recommend you to try this lip color that is light on your wallet.

Consistency of a lip crème, finish of a matte lipstick, ‘Antique Ruby’ is a perfect, lovable color for a fall.

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5 thoughts on “Coloressence Antique Ruby Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Review

  1. I bought a pink colour in these lipsticks.. And trust me these are the worst lipsticks i have ever used.. They never settled to a matte finish.. They are extremely transferrable and stains terribly..
    The quality seems poor.. i am never buying them again!

    1. Well, Ruchita, totally second you on the staining part :/ and the pink shade, not sure if you got ‘flirty fuschia’ or ‘rose petal’ cause rose petal is alright though from my experience but anyhow am sorry about your unsatisfactory purchase :/

    1. Thank you so much Melissa 🙂 I too love this shade and do get it, you will enjoy sporting it more than you know but be a bit careful as it stains, otherwise all well. Happy Shopping ! *thumbs up*

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