Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup Review

Coloressence Aqua Makeup base Review

Hello my dear fellow IMBBians!! :))

Many of you might be a bit surprised to read this review on a daily use makeup product from Nature’s essence which is well known for its facial kits, hair care and body care products. Well I would love to tell you all that in 2008 Nature’s essence introduced its new ‘ Coloressence color your sprit’ cosmetic range which has wide range of products such as make-up base, concealers, foundations, lip-sticks, lip-gloss, pan sticks, pan cakes, voluminizing mascara, eye shades in matte, pearl eye shades, powder eye liner, loose powders, shimmer powder, blushers, lipsticks, shimmer highlighter, skin and body illuminator, aqua base make up, aqua base shimmer, make up remover, and special grand combo packs at a very reasonable price. :woot: :yahoo:

More information can be obtained from

Price: Rs 110 for 35 ml, I got this for Rs 96 after discount. :happydance:

What the company says:
-Feather-light texture” banishes dark circles under the eyes and general imperfections” does not displace in lines and wrinkles” color accommodates to your natural skin tone” simply in application” light-reflecting pigments restore the skin´s natural glow Product image. An all-rounder which instantly gives you a youthfully fresh complexion. The Concealer easily spirits all the fine lines, eye circles and imperfections away. A product not only made for women, even suitable for men. Application Dab on dots or lines underneath or over the top of make up and gently blend the edges with your fingertips to reach a smooth and permanent surface.

– Coloressence Long Lasting Aqua Makeup Base gives a complete coverage to skin by its easy to spread and blend quality with SPF 20.It protects the skin from UV rays while maintaining the moisture effect.
-Can be used for day wear. Apply smoothly and blend till it seems completely absorbed.
-It has mainly four shades:
>Brown- For dark complexion
>Beige- For medium complexion.
>Ivory- For fair complexion
>Pink- For skin with pink undertone.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin E Acetate :
Vitamin E Acetate is excellent for skin care. Studies have shown numerous skin benefits from the use of this vitamin. When applied to the skin, it strengthens the defensiveness of the skin and promotes healing. Vitamin E also inhibits oxidation processes that cause skin aging.

Punarnava Extract:

Punarnava is a pure herbal extract that helps in maintaining healthy skin.

My Experience with Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup

I was introduced to Nature’s essence range of products during my B.Sc by a friend of mine. I have used their gold kit, under eye cream, burgundy hair color and few facial kits. When I went to a store to buy a liquid foundation, the SA of the store introduced me to the cosmetic range of Nature’s essence. I was quite surprised to explore the makeup range :woot: .I wanted to buy many things but I resisted my temptations, as it always gets better of me. I thought to try the aqua make up base and then try other products later, if only I like it.

I would love to tell you, that at last after using several liquid foundations from well known brands, I have found my HG liquid foundation. :yahoo: :yahoo:

It blends so well on my skin. I have bought the ‘Beige shade’ which absolutely suits my complexion. No oily feeling, no cakey appearance, no white cast on face. It stays on my skin even during summers. Hides blemishes, acne scars and this is an excellent Concealer. Hides dark circles and gives a ‘Photo Finish look’ :jiggy1:

Mainly I use Coloressence makeup base by mixing it with my moisturizer.

I have used Coloressence Aqua make up base and it has concealed my freckles quite effectively!!

Pros of Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup

  • It gives complete coverage.
  • It has SPF 20, so no need to apply any other sunscreen. :yahoo:
  • It contains Vitamin E acetate, Punarnava extracts.
  • It works better even during summer. :))
  • Price is very reasonable at Rs 110 for 35 ml, won’t cause heartache :toothygrin: if it doesn’t work for you.
  • It contains no animal ingredients.
  • It is one of the best concealer I have ever used.
  • Hides all sorts of blemishes.
  • Leaves no white cast on face.
  • Gives a matte finish, no oily sort of look.
  • It’s much better than other well known expensive brands.
  • Gives a Photo finish look.
  • Evens out my skin tone.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines to great extent.
  • Very moisturizing, my skin feels silky soft.

Cons of Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup

  • It’s a bit difficult to blend it sometimes. (This problem is sorted when I mix it with my moisturizer ), one can use it with wet sponge too.
  • Only active ingredients are mentioned, complete list is not mentioned.
  • Only Four shades are available, may not suit all skin tones. :((

Rating: 4.5

Will I repurchase again: Of course I will always buy it, actually am going to buy second one very soon.

What can I get these days at a price of Rs 110?

Take care all of you Sweeties !! :puchhi: :thanks:

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54 thoughts on “Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup Review

    1. JIgayasa , she has written – ” I have found my HG liquid foundation” . 🙂 you can use it both as a concealer and foundation. 🙂

  1. Tapaswini you have very beautiful deep eyes. :)) I can see that this product is definitely giving a very good texture to your skin. I don’t know how your skin looks in real but in this pic it looks flawless. :))

    1. Ratii..what does aqua base mean actually ? Is it like its composition is based on water and the other ones are based on oil ?? ?:) ?:) ?:)

        1. In real, I have dark circles due to late night studying and sleeping 🙁 ,I have freckles not much but still visible on my cheeks,this shade works for me!!

    1. Yesss dear, its cheap at 110, one can buy it without any guilt and Thanks a lot ! :thanks: I have never in my life used colored lens dear, I donot wear lens !

      1. thanx Tapaswini :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: ur name is beautiful too 😉

  2. HI Tapaswini!!!! Great review 🙂 :):) Feels like I needa get this product!!!! where to buy??? and you look cuute :-* :-* :-*

    1. Thanks a lot!!!!! I bought this from a shop exactly opposite to where New Market is written in blue and there is a beauty parlour besides it at esplanade !!

    1. Yaaa it is, instead of wasting several bucks for expensive brands, spending 110 is really good and if it doesn’t suit your tone then also wont be that much loss !

    1. Thanks Jinal, yess due to its price frankly saying I bought it, to see if it suits, sometimes expensive doesnt go well but cheaper pnes do!! :))

  3. Nice review tapaswini………………I like the way you reviewed it…..makes me wanna go for it…….four shades…..hmmph……more shades are required…………….. :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

    1. Thanks Jomol !! Yes the drawback is, it has only 4 shades, if one of them matches your skin tone, then lucky, check this out!! :))

  4. hellooo…i got this foundation today after reading your rave reviews…but for me its not even conceling some light blemishes i have….can u please tell me how u apply it to conceal freckles?

    1. Its bad to hear that, I mix my moisturiser with foundation, apply compact on top of it, and am able to hide my blemishes nicely !

  5. its one of the finest foundations i used i used loreal lakme maybelline but theres nthng like coloressence dat workrd for my skin jus the problem is its not availible easily

  6. hey tapaswini does this work in humid weather?..i mean kolkata humidity….i guess u mentioned u stay in kolkata….if not then ignore the kolkata part:)…where did u get it?

  7. Am already using this product.I am thinking of trying something new ,recently i heard abt oriflame peach me thinking of buying it…but am confused ….beacause am satisfied with this product….all i want to know is which one is better coloressence aqua base or the latter!HELP!

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