Coloressence Blusher SH-4 Review

Coloressence Blusher SH-4

Highlight and enhance your cheek bones with Coloressence Blusher. This natural tone powder blusher adorns your skin with a velvety effect making you look absolutely gorgeous.


Now it is a 250, mine is old and ready to be tossed away now since it approaching expiry.I used it pretty much okay and it is a very pretty pink color so I thought I must review it for blush new comers to try out something pink at an easy price.


I got this blush a while ago and used  it nicely like a day wear pink.Now that it is a nearing expiry, I thought before I decide whether to get another, let me share this nice subtle sheen pink with you all.Something that many girls can try, girls who are new to blushers, or girls who would not use blushers much but would like to own a nice pink.Pink could be OTT for Indian skin but subtle mauve pinks are my favorites.This one is a subtle pink with some gold sheen but on the cheeks it looks quite nice and would suit most skin tones for a day wear blush.This blush would not go OTT very soon so can be used by newcomers to blush.


The blush comes in a simple pack with no mirror or brush. It looks very average,nothing fancy.It looks fine but the sticker is particularly annoying and it has no name mentioned. The quantity looks very fine too. The blush looks lovely pink in the first look. I think it is okay for trial and beginners, if you have to try some new simple pink blushes this is a good start.

pink blush

The color is a mauve pink and it has some gold sheen to it.The color is on the subtle side and it is the kind of pink which neutral and cool skin can wear easily.Even yellow skin tones can wear it due to the gold sheen to it.BTW the gold sheen is very very subtle, it is only a sheen not a shimmer. The texture is a nice.It is not extremely smooth but it is not rough either.It does not feel gritty or chalky. Yes, if you use a rough brush it would look powdery.The pigmentation is above average and I think it is just right for a blush so that it will not look too bad or loud. The color can be built up easily so the color can be called medium to build-able.


The blush does not stain and lasting power is not bad either on my oily skin. The sheen is not annoying too and it looks rather nice. Most skin types would like it.Overall it is a nice day wear pink and good for beginners.

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  1. This looks like a good pick for girls like me, who are new to make-up. Doesn’t it break your heart to toss away the beautiful products *cry*

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