Coloressence Coffee Lip Gloss is the Best Affordable MLBB Gloss

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Coloressence Coffee Lip Gloss

Hello Everyone,

Nowadays, I am splurging more on glosses and ‘Coloressence’ glosses caught my sight for the pocket-friendly price it offers. Today I am here with the review of my 4th shade from ‘Coloressence Liquid Lip Color’. If you read my previous reviews, you would know that I picked up four shades of these. Let’s see that this shade impressed me or not.



INR 225 for 4 ml.


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The gloss comes safely packed in a cardboard pack, the gloss bottle is transparent, fat & rounded, with a black screw cap. The applicator is a flat tip, sponge one. It picks the right amount of gloss and the packaging is quite attractive, sturdy & travel-friendly.


My Take on Coloressence Coffee Lip Gloss:


“Coffee” is a light chestnut brown or reddish brown color with a mild touch of pink to it, the gloss has fine silver shimmer particles in it. The color is nowhere near a coffee brown color. It’s more of a brownish pink kind of color, a pretty MLBB shade. The color is suitable for every Indian skin tone, great shade to wear for office and colleges.

Texture & Finish:

The texture of the gloss is quiet creamy and smooth and glides effortlessly on the lips. The formula is kind of gel-based. The consistency is thick like almost all glosses, but isn’t too sticky, it feels a little bit waxy, but doesn’t weigh down lips too much. The gloss is super hydrating on the lips it’ll be an apt gloss for dry lips. Though all glosses are moisturizing but this gloss kind of smoothes and treat lips, by providing ample of moisturization and it won’t exaggerate flaky lips. The gloss gives a very glossy and shimmering finish on the lips, it does makes lips appear a bit fuller and gives you that perfect pout. The gloss can bleed if layered in more than 2 coats, that issue could be handled with just lining your lips with a good lip liner.



The gloss is decently pigmented, but being almost a neutral color; the color doesn’t show up very vibrantly on the lips. Otherwise the light brown color covers the flaws of the lips in a single coat.

Staying Power:

I was amazed by the staying power of the gloss; this is the first shade in this range that wears on for so long on the lips. The gloss stayed on me for 4hrs, and I ate chapattis in my breakfast but the glossy layer with a mild hint of color stayed on the lips. Though the fresh light brown started fading after 2-3 hrs but the gloss stayed put on me for exactly 4hrs. And the gloss fades evenly from the lips, without leaving shimmers behind.



Pros of Coloressence Coffee Lip Gloss:

• A very pretty reddish brown color, with some hint of pink to it.
• Will suit every skin tone and is a very wearable shade.
• A perfect MLBB color, apt for n*de color lovers.
• Price is very reasonable.
• Packaging is travel-friendly and sturdy.
• The texture is very smooth and feels creamy on the lips.
• The formula of the gloss is gel-based.
• The finish of the gloss is very glossy.
• It gives the illusion of fuller lips.
• The gloss is decently pigmented, 1 swipe of the color can cover flaws very well.
• The gloss is very hydrating; it treats lips and makes them smooth and supple.
• The staying power of the gloss is very impressive. It stayed on me for 4 hrs, with just a mild fading.
• It survives light eating and drinking.
• Coloressence products are easily available.

Cons of Coloressence Coffee Lip Gloss:

• The gloss will bleed if it’s built in layers. Maximum 2 swipes would work well.
• Some may not like the waxy texture to it.

Will I Recommend Coloressence Coffee Lip Gloss?

Yes, surely if you’re a fan of nude lip glosses, this is  the perfect option for you. It lasts quite long on me. I have almost no complaints with this shade, so I will recommend this to everyone of you, plus it won’t hurt your pocket.

IMBB Rating:

4.7/ 5. I think the product this marking.

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