Coloressence Dual Colour Eye Shades in Silver Grey Review

Coloressence Dual Colour Eye Shades in Silver Grey

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Today I shall review for you Coloressence Dual Colour Premium Eye Shades in the shades silver and grey. I chanced upon this product while browsing an online shopping site. I ordered it immediately as I love both silver and grey on eyes. While ordering, I had assumed it o be an eye –pencil, meant for lining the lids and waterline. It was only after I received my shipment that I discovered that it was an eye-shadow in a pencil form.


I had tried using it once on my waterline. And trust me; the result was not very aesthetic. I visited its website and only then did I get to know that there exists such a thing as pencil eye shadow. Since then I’ve been using this product as a base for my eye-makeup and not on my waterline and lids. Let us see how it fared.

Price: Rs 225 for 4g.

Ingredients: Not mentioned.

My Experience with Coloressence Dual Colour Eye Shades in Silver Grey:

First things first. This is not an eye-pencil. I repeat, not an eye-pencil. If you use this product on your water-line, be ready for those panda eyes. You could try lining your lids, but it most certainly will not stay for a long time. However, this product serves well as an eye make-up base. Moving on to the specific product I bought, the first thing I noticed was that the sharpener was a dud, very flimsy. I used a different sharpener. The pencil itself is smooth and creamy-ish, at least the grey part is, and glides on like a dream. However, if you apply a little pressure, the pointed shadow will break. I like to use it with my fingers. I transfer a teeny amount of the product to my fingertips and pat on my lids, before spreading them evenly. It serves as a decent base, not as good as Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but not very bad either.


The staying power is around 3 to 3.5 hours if you don’t have particularly oily lids. Now coming to the shades, I love the grey part to death. I’ve used it numerous times for smoky eyes and I think I’ll use it up soon. It is a nice shiny light grey with no glitters at all. The silver part, on the other hand, hasn’t been used by me a lot. Reason, it contains glitters and I don’t particularly like glitters. It can be, however, used to illuminate the inner corners of the eyes. I’ve also used it once or twice, under my eyebrows, to highlight them. They looked okay-ish. If only there had been no glitters in the silver part, it would have become a lot more wearable. All things taken, an okay product, for a decent price.

Pros of Coloressence Dual Colour Eye Shades in Silver Grey:

• Glides on smoothly.
• Decent staying power
• Moderately priced.


Cons of Coloressence Dual Colour Eye Shades in Silver Grey:

• The silver part contains glitters.
• The sharpener is very flimsy.
• The pencil breaks on the slightest pressure applied.

IMBB Rating: 3/5 ( when used as an eye make-up base), 1/5 ( when used as an eye-pencil).

Will I Repurchase Coloressence Dual Colour Eye Shades in Silver Grey:

Yes, but only for the grey part.

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