Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara Review

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Today’s review is going to be on Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara. As I need good mascara for my daily uses so I had picked up this one only for the unique wand applicator. And it is totally a nice try.

Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara

Product Description:

product description

Price: 295/- for 15ml

My Experience with Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara:

Applying mascara is my favorite part of the whole eye makeup. Mascara just can change the overall look and it gives a very fresh bright look always. As I totally love volumizing mascara so I wanted to try this. But it turns into an average one not my best volumizing mascara.


Packaging: The mascara comes in a nice pink cardboard cover with all the details. Actual product comes in a black tube packaging with a black cap. Packaging looks nice and it is air-tight one which never leaks. Most amazing about this mascara is the wand. This wand is very unique and it looks so amazing. It is made of flexible plastic and it smoothly goes into each and every lash. Combination of the bristles is nice. The bristles aren’t of the same length on the wand.


The wand has a big bump at the front side and then the bristles become small. It looks almost narrow size wand and again at the end it has a small bump. It has longer bristles, shorter bristles and very small bristles which work nice to define the lashes well. But it is quite tricky to work with this wand. I was not comfortable with this when I was in a hurry. It actually needs few days to be comfortable with. Otherwise it has a chance to mess around the eyes. But once you understand the trick you can use with nicely. It also nicely defines my lower lashes.


Shade: I have the shade black. It looks absolutely jet black on eyes. It provides a deep bold color to my lashes. If you have light lashes or you end up getting concealer on lashes (like me), you need this highly pigmented mascara for the bold black look. So it works as nicely pigmented mascara.

Quality & Texture: Consistency of this mascara is neither thick nor runny. It has a smooth creamy consistency which nicely glides on eye lashes. It never clumps up lashes and doesn’t look patchy after application. It feels light on lashes. It doesn’t feel heavy even after putting three to four coats. It helps to hold my curl nicely and the curl stays throughout the day. The bristles make reaching even the smallest, shortest lashes possible. And it defines my lashes perfectly. It also dries up quickly after application.


It gives a very nice and smooth application. It provides a nice length to my lashes and after the application my lashes look long. It also provides volume but not like “H.D volume”. It always needs two to three coats for my desired volume. But after that my lashes looks nice, defined, long and voluminous.

But I would like to say this more of a lengthening mascara rather than volume mascara. It can’t provide that dramatic lashes easily. I need to curl my lashes then need to put lots of coats then only I get that look. It is definitely a good option for daily use. It makes lashes big and long. This is smudge-proof and water-proof also.
It stays perfectly on lashes. I have applied this at 11am and after the whole day at 8pm it still looked nice. The length and curl can be noticeable after a long time. So it is definitely a long wearing mascara.


Overall I really like this mascara as it boosts up my eyelashes making them look longer and more noticeable. Only it can’t provide that “H.D volume” like the claim and it needs more coats for that desired look. To remove this, a good oil based makeup remover is required. It never sticks on lashes or never makes them dry at all. So I am quite happy with this as my daily mascara.

Pops of Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara:

• Nice travel friendly packaging.
• Affordable.
• Unique sculpted bristles works nice to define lashes perfectly.
• It can reach big to small lashes deeply.
• Jet black shade gives proper bold lashes.
• Smooth creamy texture easily glides on lashes and never clumps on lashes.
• It feels light on lashes and holds my curls perfectly throughout the day.
• It provides nice long lashes.
• 2-3 coats provide decent volume.
• Perfect for daily use.
• Smudge proof and water proof.
• Never looks patchy or dry.
• Stays long on lashes.


Cons of Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara:

• Wand is quite difficult to use.
• Wrong application leaves a bad spot on upper eye lid.
• Doesn’t provide “H.D volume” as it claims.
• Needs more coats for that desired look.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Coloressence Eyes Spy H.D Volume Mascara?
Yeah I like this mascara it looks nice on me. Maybe it can’t provide that dramatic volume to my lashes; still it is good, pocket friendly mascara for daily use. Surely you can try this one. It is unique and provides a long lasting length and curl.

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