Coloressence Lip Color Creame Berry Review, Swatches

Coloressence Lip Color Creame Berry

By Salomi Das

Hello everyone 😀

I just can’t express my excitement and happiness for writing my second review for IMBB. Undoubtedly I have been following this blog for a pretty long time but unfortunately couldn’t take out time from studies and internships. Thanks to the beautiful ladies of IMBB for providing such amazing reviews for every product. Whenever I needed any particular product, I always went through the compilation and single reviews of the items.


Here’s my review of a lipstick from Coloressence.

I bought this lip color in a gift set of Coloressence. It’s a Berry pink color shade. The name, though, is very misleading. You will come to know as move ahead with review. As we know that Coloressence is 100% vegetarian, so I thought of trying this brand. And I regretted the fact in the next hour as well. *sigh*

Product Description:

A unique combination of coriander and basil extract. This lip color nourishes, protects, moisturizes and is hypoallergenic. Voluminise the lips.
(Picture 1)
Price: Rs. 150
Net Weight: 4g
Active Ingredients:
Almond Oil, Vitamin E – 100% Vegetarian. No animal ingredients.



The packaging is quite simple (read: boring) – a matte black plastic case and the twist up stick and the brand engraved on the plastic case. Coming to smell, it’s really sweet as well as the name of the lip color. The color of the lipstick is strictly berry pink though not as dark as the stick shows with a matte texture. My upper lip is pigmented but the color was pretty good to cover that. I’m not at all a person who would experience bright colors like this but the shade wasn’t much of a trouble to carry out provided I keep the makeup minimal. The most annoying thing about this brand is that it is completely drying my lips whenever I’m applying the color. Though the name says “creame” (God knows why!). As I have extremely dry lips, it’s very difficult for me to use such a product that makes my lips flaky and not soft. The staying power is for around 4-5hours (without food) and it fades leaving the lips with tinted pink color, which is pretty good. Even if you consume snacks its stays for a decent period. Though the color doesn’t bleed, it is advisable to use a neutral lip liner and lip balm underneath as it helps to bring out the color better.


Texture: Matte.
Color: Bright Berry pink.
Pigmentation: Very good.
Skin tone: Light to medium.
Makeup: Neutral eye makeup and natural tinted cheek color. (As the color shows up quite bright, it’s better to keep the makeup minimal.)

What is good about Coloressence Lip Color Creame Berry

-It’s a matte finish. (Very good for people with naturally moisturized lips)
-Pigmentation is very good.
-Staying power 4-5hours (Without meal); with snacks it just fades a bit.
-100% vegetarian.
-Variety of shades to choose from (I mean mostly pinks, browns and red)


What is not-so-good about Coloressence Lip Color Creame Berry

-Extremely drying, sometimes even a lip balm can’t control the dryness.
-Packaging. (Though it’s my personal opinion)
-Not for dusky beauties.
-No SPF (Though it’s my stupidity to expect that in such a price tag :P)

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I repurchase Coloressence Lip Color Creame Berry ?

Definitely not, it’s not at all helping my lips as its drying and at the end of the day I end up having tinted pink flaky(read: ugly and horrible) lips! Moreover, I am a Smokey-dark-eyes person, so keeping neutral eye makeup is a tough job for me. I might try the other range but definitely after going through a review.

Do I recommend Coloressence Lip Color Creame Berry ?

If you think you can survive with dry lips, yes go and try few lipsticks from this brand (esp. the pink shades of this range). With such a price tag it won’t be a big risk at all.

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