Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color – Burning Desire

Coloressence Mesmerising Lipstick – Burning Desire

Hello all you lovely ladies,

Today I will be reviewing another lipstick. This one is from Coloressence ;). The shade is called “Burning Desire”…oooohh 😛 As you must have read in my previous review that how crazy I have become about lipsticks, this one adds to my interests these days. So let’s begin 😀

Product Description:

A unique combination of coriander and basil extract. This lip nourishes, protects, moisturizes and is hypo allergenic. It also helps to voluminise the lips.

Coloressence Mesmerising LipColor Burning Desire


125 INR


4 gm




Almond oil, Vitamin E, Basil extract, Coriander extract.

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (7)

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (8)


Quite good considering the price, it comes inside a black paper cover, which is not bad at all. The body of the product is black. The shade name is mentioned at the top. I wish the body was colored rather than black.

My Experience with Coloressence Lipstick Burning Desire:

I got to know about this lipstick from our very own IMBB  since then I was inquisitive about it. I ordered it online. In the beginning was very confused about which shade to choose, but then this name caught my attention :P. I placed the order and was aghast when it got delivered. It was a dark red with maroon undertones. My world shattered 😛 :P.

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (2)

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (11)

Nevertheless, I gathered courage to apply it “chup chup ke”, that’s because I don’t wear such a dark shade. It is very hard and dry kind of lipstick, the ones which when applied makes me ::headbang:: ::headbang:: .When I applied the color, I immediately rubbed it off, as it did not suit me ::sob sob ::

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (3)
The next time I wore it, I applied lip balm underneath and applied it very lightly. The color did not seem that bad after that. Thank God.

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (12)

You can also apply the lipstick first and then apply a gloss or lip balm, depending on individual preference. If you want to keep it matte and solid, apply lip balm. If you want to make it glossy and look fuller, apply a lip gloss.

In the lip swatches, I have applied the shade very lightly with the help of a lip brush. Bare application will make me look like a vampire 😀 have also used lip balm over the lipstick to make it look bearable.

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (5)

Pros of Coloressence Lipstick Burning Desire:

• Good packaging.
• Matte texture.
• It is a boon for pigmented lips, since its very dark shade.
• Very affordable.
• Very nicely pigmented.
• Good ingredients used i.e. almond oil and vitamin E.
• Strong staying power if applied matte even after meals.
• Festive shade..

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (6)

Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Burning Desire (4)

Cons of Coloressence Lipstick Burning Desire:

• Difficult to apply, very draggy.
• Dry texture.
• Have to apply with gloss, as it’s a very dark pinkish red color.
• It leaves behind stain even after removing.
• Smells awful.
• Complete ingredient list is not mentioned.


Do I Recommend Coloressence Lipstick Burning Desire?

Well, not to the young girls. This is not your color. Elderly ladies can indulge in this color, as it’s very Indian kind shade, perfect for festive season.

Will I Repurchase Coloressence Lipstick  Burning Desire?

Clean NO. I did not like the shade.

IMBB Rating:


Last Word:

This is not bad if you apply with gloss or lip balm. For me this is a big NO NO to use the lipstick alone on my lips.
Thanks everyone, for reading the review, hope it will help, take care and stay beautiful 🙂

P.S- Some ladies will completely disagree with me on the shade. It’s all a matter of preference.


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20 thoughts on “Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color – Burning Desire

  1. KUshi i am very happy hahahha that u have rated it 2 hahhaha… they deserve it.. they are dry ryt 🙂 …. well nice review.. and the shade is yummy 🙂

    1. heehee Nidhi while reading review i was remembering u lolll Yes these products r dry and it looks terrific in without flash… Not my type 🙁 And after reading these reviews I will never buy these lipsticks NEVER NEVER!

      1. hahhaha Shilpa …. 🙂 yup it is quite a task to use these onezz 🙂 .. and yup stay away from theseeee 🙂 …. u must a pro in make up by now … huhh 🙂

          1. no I have a better name.
            changing desire.
            I wil not throw dis away,I will perhaps use it as a blush wid d help of a brush ;P
            or may be give it to my mom to use it as “sindoor” he he he

              1. hehehe… we have abused this color so much.. 😛 😛 me too have done the same blunder while buying a lippie. mine one came as dark purple. i could play a vamp in that lippie.. 😉 😉

        1. Yeah Nidhi I am buying makeup stuffs like a mad… Now I am afraid of going to market coz I am buying every stuffs which catches my eyes 🙁

          1. Shilpa … lovely ..that u r pursuing ur love for make up .. i knw.. it feels lik a lil kid in a candy shop .. all confused and eager 🙂 …do read the reviewz before buying .. and buy diffrent and reasonable products to experiment.. .. don’t trust the sales man at alll 🙂 keep hi end brands for later … havee funnn 🙂

          2. Shilpa ..good to know u r pursuing ur love for make up 🙂 .. I kno one really feels like a kid in a candy shop all confused but eager 🙂 .. do try different and reasonable products products 🙂 … don’t listen to the salesman at all 🙂 and keep hi end brands for later .. have lods of fun makeuping 🙂

          3. good to know that Shilpa .. have fun makeuping .. do read reviews beofre buying ..and don’t listen to the salesman at all 🙂 .. buy different but reasonable products.. keep hi end for later 🙂 ..have loads of fun 🙂

            1. aww thanks nidhi I will surely keep ur words in mind 🙂 And yes I am addicted to make up and all thanks to u guys 🙂 muaah take care cutiee

  2. Yes you’re right Khushi its a better suit for the elderly..but drying? Then moms are gonna give it back to us… 😉

  3. hahaha.. burning desire made me laugh .. these are drying i knw.. i have a couple of these and i knw how to make them work… top it with a balm or a gloss 😉 nice review

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