Coloressence Pearl Eyeliner in Royal Blue Review

Coloressence Pearl Eyeliner in Royal Blue

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Audrey Hepburn’s eye makeup in Breakfast at Tiffany’s always left me awestruck. The perfect cat’s eye, made shivers run down my spine, in sheer and utter rapture. It’s perfection at its best! This was what made me try my hand at liquid liners, leaving behind my trusty pencil liners. But due to my perpetually shaky hands, I am yet to master the art of applying liquid liner. *sighs* Oh well!


But nevertheless, the liquid liner will always be one of the most alluring products in the makeup world. The hardest to master but the most versatile.

The product I am now going to review brings can potentially bring together this retro classic along with a modern day trend, a bright pop of colour (can be attributed to the 80’s too). So onwards we go…….. Chop chop! :p

Price: 125 INR

Quantity: 9 ml

Packaging: The great thing about the packaging is the sleek silver cap that just draws your attention and the silver writing that makes it look chic and classy.

But there is no indication about the colour, in shade terms anywhere on the bottle. Unless you look beneath, at the product information, which is in writing and not “spectacle friendly”. So it’s very hard to locate the product in your vanity, especially if you have the black liner too (like I do).

It is very sturdy and travel friendly. I have dropped it a bazillion times, and there isn’t a crack to prove it!


My take on Coloressence Pearl Eyeliner in Royal Blue:

Well, first off, let’s take a moment to note that this is the cheapest blue liner that I have ever seen, so I can’t possibly be harsh while reviewing it. I mean, come on! It’s less than $2 (skyrocketing dollar-rupee exchange rates are insane!!!), how much can you possibly expect?

But that set aside, the liner isn’t royal blue. It’s too cool toned and light to qualify as a royal blue, more like sky blue actually. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty colour a tad too light for dusky complexions. That is, if you are as lazy as I am and use blue liner as starkly as black.

I am always late, so I just like to line my upper lids and smudge a little black kajal on the outer corners of my eye. But this liner is too cool toned, for me to do just that. I need a sheer wash of concealer, neutral eyeshadow, the blue liner and a little black liner for depth, for this liner to actually suit my complexion. Which, for me, is too much drama for an everyday look. If you are the kind that compliments your liner with shadow every single day? We are never going to be friends. EVER! :p

My laziness set aside, the liner takes a while to set. About a minute or two, which, for eyes my size, is just too darn long! But once it sets it stays smudge proof, if not waterproof, for atleast 4 hours. After that it loses this property and can be smudged with a simple touch.

The applicator is plastic and capable of making thin and precise lines. It’s suitably pliant without being all over the place.


Pros of Coloressence Pearl Eyeliner in Royal Blue:

1. Inexpensive
2. Classy packaging
3. Travel safe packaging
4. Unique colour
5. Smudgeprooof for upto 4 hours.
6. Good quality applicator.

Cons of Coloressence Pearl Eyeliner in Royal Blue:

1. The colour is sky and not royal blue.
2. Hard to locate in your vanity.
3. Not waterproof

Would I repurchase?

Nope! I’d like to try something else from the brand though.

Would I recommend it to friends?

At the price point? Hell to the yes!

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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