Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4

Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4

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Today I will be reviewing another shade from my Coloressence’s eye shadow range, and the shade I have today is called Scarlet Red and it is from their pearl finish collection.

Product quantity: 3.5g


Price: Rs 200

Packaging: This single Eyeshadow comes in a simple black packaging with a transparent section in the top which helps in the easy recognition of the color, it actually also helps to make the shadow look pretty. I won’t say that it is one of the best packaging but for 200 bucks it is not so bad. It is sturdy and is not so easy to open (will not open on its own).

Ingredients: The only two ingredients mentioned on the packaging are Terminalia belerica extract and soyabean oil with pearl finish effect

Product Description:

Highlight your beautiful eyes with this rich eye shadow from Coloressence. The eye shadow can be applied with a dry or wet brush under the eye socket area or on the upper eyelid area to make your eyes look even more attractive. A single application of this eye shadow is enough to enhance your eyes and help you look your best.


My take on the Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4

Most of us know that coloressence eye shadows are a good buy for beginners and this is because of the quality they offer in an affordable range. The color I have today is called Scarlet Red and as the name says, it is a beautiful shade of red. When I saw it online, it appeared to be a bright red, but in person it is a deeper red (a shade of maroon). Scarlet red is in pearl finish with extremely small sized shimmer particles. The shimmer particles are so small that they are almost not visible.
Pigmentation wise the color is very strong, it is nicely pigmented and 1 swipe imparts a beautiful color. 1 light handed application gives a light red color which can be built to the desired intensity in multiple swipes. The color can be intensified further by applying it over a white base. I personally did not use it as a lid color, but used it towards the outer corners of the eyes. The shadow is very smooth to apply and is easy to blend too.


The staying power of the color is good and that is mainly due to its color. The intensity of the color does reduce with time, but it does not vanish completely. The color can easily stay up to 4 hours without creasing.


Pros of Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4

• Affordable (this is the biggest plus point these have)
• Beautiful pearl finish color
• Decent staying power
• Good pigmentation
• Decent packaging
• No creasing

Cons of Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4 :

• Color of the name is not mentioned on the packaging. I picked the name from the online site from where I brought it.


Would I buy Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4 again?

No I will not buy it again. I already have 3-4 colors and now as I do not put myself in the category of a beginner, I would not buy it again.

Do I recommend Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shade Scarlet Red ES-4 ?

Scarlet red is one of the better colors from coloressence. If you are looking for a deeper red but do not want to spend much on such a color which is rarely used, this is the one for you.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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