Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shadow in Pink Carnation Review

Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shadow in Pink Carnation

Hello beautiful ladies,

After getting and liking coloressence lip liner I wanted to try some more products from this brand so I thought of buying one of their eye shadows. They have a variety of shadows both single and palettes. I brought the single one. They come in many different colors and the one I have is called pink carnation which is a pearl finish shadow.


Product quantity: 3.5g

Price: INR 200

Packaging: The eyeshadow comes in an average black packaging which has a round transparent section on the top to make the shade visible. Brand name is written below the circle. This whole pack comes in a little black cardboard box.

Ingredients: Terminalia belerica extract, soyabean oil with pearl finish effect. These are the only ingredients mentioned on the pack. No other information is mentioned anywhere.


Product Description: Highlight your beautiful eyes with this rich eye shadow from Coloressence. The eye shadow can be applied with a dry or wet brush under the eye socket area or on the upper eyelid area to make your eyes look even more attractive. A single application of this eye shadow is enough to enhance your eyes and help you look your best.

My take on Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shadow in Pink Carnation:

I saw this product online long ago but never ordered it as I was not sure of the brand, every time I wanted to order but restrained myself, but one day I ordered a lip pencil from the brand and liked it so much that I immediately ordered this too. The reason for ordering this was obviously its color, but when it came home I was even more impressed. By the name pink carnation, I assumed it to be a pink, which was confirmed by the pictures on net, but when it actually came I realized that it is not exactly the pink I assumed, it’s a purple toned pink. When you look at the color in the pan, it does not seem to have any shimmers but when applied it seems kind of shimmery and that’s why it’s called to have a pearl finish.


The shadow is amazingly smooth to apply and feels like silk when touched by hand. Another good thing about this shadow is the pigmentation, the shadow is so pigmented that I only touched my brush to the pan twice and my whole lid was sparkling with this amazing color. This saves a lot of product. Also, I did not suffer any fallout problem, the reason may be the less amount of product used. The color is easy to blend and looks good with a ton of other colors.

The packing says that the shadow can be used in the wet form as well. Personally I have not tried using it wet, as I am not very fond of this method. I feel that digging a wet brush into the pan can spoil it. But, I am happy to use it dry and I am happy that I brought it. Now, after trying two of their products, I feel that coloressence is a brand worth trying, it does have some good products in an affordable range.


Pros of Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shadow in Pink Carnation:

• 100% vegetarian, no animal ingredients (although an eye shadow has nothing to do with being vegetarian, but it’s good to feel that no animal is being harmed in the making of the product I am using)
• Affordable
• Satin smooth texture.
• Good staying power
• Not much fallout
• Looks sparkly on lids
• Good pigmentation


Cons of Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shadow in Pink Carnation:

• Average packaging (but this is not a major issue as it is steady enough to protect the shadow 1-2 falls)

Would I buy this product again?

Not this color but I would love to try some other colors; my next color would be the golden one which was reviewed by neha.

Do I recommend this?

Yes definitely. I do recommend this. This is an amazing product in a reasonable price

Rating: 4/5

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4 thoughts on “Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shadow in Pink Carnation Review

  1. your eye look really beautiful and innocent swati. I mostly dont wear pinks on my eyes.. i feel they make me look a bit ill. But looks nice on your eyes. 🙂

    1. thank you so much rati *thankyou* ….getting a compliment from you really means a lot *happy dance* *happy dance* …..i didn’t know that pink can look bad too…i have always heard that pink is a girl’s color but now, if it make you look ill, then this statement is false 🙂 can’t say about pink but majority of other colors looks completely stunning on you 🙂

  2. Wow your eyes look like those disney princesses *woot* *woot* looking great on you *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* sooo much glam *pompom*

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