Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue

Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

I love colors, and this is the reason I get attracted towards lipsticks and eye shadows as they are the ones that come in a huge variety of colors. Today I will be reviewing one of the pearl finish eyeshadow from Coloressence and the shade is called Torquish Blue. I am not very fond of Coloressence products but these are really good for girls who are just starting up with makeup and don’t have a huge budget.


Product quantity: 3.5 g

Price: INR 200

The shadow comes in a simple matte black square packaging with a round pan and a transparent round section on the lid which makes the color visible without opening the lid. There is nothing fancy about the packaging, but I don’t expect anything more from such an affordable product.


Terminalia belerica extract, soyabean oil with Pearl finish effect (these are the only two active ingredients mentioned on the box.


Product Description:

It gives pearly finish & satin smooth brilliance and base to the eyes. Can be used with brush directly in the eyes socket area or upper eyelid area or use with wet brush for long stay of color.


My take on the Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue

I bought this shadow online few months back and I was too annoyed to see the expiry date, the product will expire in October and I won’t be able to use it much. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of ordering online. Anyways coming back to the review, Torquish Blue is a beautiful light shade of blue (almost kind of sky blue) with a pearly finish. It seems to have minute silver shimmers in it, but when carefully seen no shimmer particles are visible. Pigmentation wise the color is not so good, it takes multiple swipes to get the desired color on the lids. Even if used with a white base, at least 4-5 coats are required to get the color as seen in the pan. But once done, the color looks beautiful. It is one of the colors that can be used to create a simple as well as a se*y looking eyes. It used lightly with a not so dark crease color, it creates one of the best blue looking simple eyes, and if used with darker, more bold color, then it becomes perfect for a night out. Its pearly finish makes it just perfect for any occasion.


Texture wise, the shadow is smooth, but its smoothness can only be felt if applied with a finger. With a brush, it is just like any other shadow. The color is easy to blend and do not give any fallout on the eyes. A very little amount may fall while picking up the color from the pan, but it does not become messy while applying.

Staying power of the color is also average, the color do not stay for more than 3-4 hours. The color actually starts to fade just after around an hour of application and as it is a light color, it does not take much time to fade almost completely. Although the color fades after some time, but the pearly effect does stay for a little longer, even after the color is gone. One of the things I liked about the color is that it does not crease at all.

Overall, for me, it is a great product at this price. I personally do expect more from my shadows, but at this price range it is not bad.


Pros of Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue:

• Beautiful pearly color
• Free of shimmer particles
• Affordable
• Does not crease
• Good color for both day and night
• Almost no fallout
• 100% vegetarian, which means that it is completely free of any animal ingredients

Cons of Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue

• Not-so-good pigmentation (requires multiple coats to get a decent color)
• Just average staying power, starts to fade in less than an hour

Would I buy Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue again?

I do have 4 of these, and so I would not buy it again (after all how many more will I need:P)

Do I recommend Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES-5 Torquish Blue?

Yes! At this price, it is a good product to try, especially if you are a beginner.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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  1. Hi Swati… When I first saw the shadow in the pan, it looked so pretty. Pity the color pay off is not so good. Lovely eotds btw

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