Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow – ES2 Electric Blue

Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow ES2 Electric Blue

Product Description:

Let your eyes speak the dialect of glamour with this matte eye shadow. Enriched with vitamin E, this eye shadow is smudge-freeand gracious. The palate offers the most alluring colour and shimmer to add an oomph factor to your personality!

Product Quantity:

3.5 gm.


Rs. 200


Terminalia Belerica extract, Soyabean oil.I am a little doubtful about the ingredients honestly.


I am reviewing a simple metallic blue pocket friendly eye shadow for you today, this review goes out to all beginners in eye makeup because this kind of blue is a must-have, you can wear it on its own, dab it on top of eye liner or else brighten eyes with some color lens with this eyeshadwow. This one is 200 bucks and great to practice your skills, this is not OTT, not super pigmented or powdery which will give you better control over your makeup

The black case comes in carton but I chucked it off, this is simple sturdy click lock case with the round pan in it, the color is metallic but not shimmery chunky, but just fine.the texture is smooth but not overly pigmented, it is just fine on the finger but by the time you swatch it is lost in translation 😛 half of it what can be seen, so it might look pigmented in the pan but otherwise it is is average but not bad.


The color works best when patted on a base, base of black would look great too, you can slightly apply this on the lid till the crease, not beyond, line with black liner, may be apply this on the lower lash line with a small smudge brush to brighten eyes, this color works fine for most skin tones, not very yellow skin but otherwise fine.


The color stays on 3 hours max, but kind of stains the lids slightly is what I have seen, after you remove it, there will be a hint of blue, so use an oil based remover with it, otherwise it is good at this price no doubt.


I am happy they have mattes and metallic too at this price they have quite a few colors to choose from, you can try it if you are trying out blues for eyes.


IMBB rating:


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