Coloressence Liquid Lip Color-Sweet Pink Review

By Naveena

Coloressence Liquid Lip Color-Sweet Pink Review


I would like to review Coloressence Liquid Lip Colour. To be frank, this is my second lip color I have used till date. I would say that this is a really good product if some one is looking for a lip gloss around Rs.200. I always use a lip balm rather than lipsticks/lip gloss. But I thought I should try a lip color this time. Initially, I thought I should try Lakme/Revlon, but I ended up taking coloressence because of the price and the color.coloressencel iquid lip color sweet pink


Its unique moisture lock formula adds glossy effect to your lips. It is available in various shades and can be applied directly or on top of any lipstick to add richness.
coloressence liquid lip color sweet pink1


Rs.199 for 4ml; sounds reasonable. Also available in Rs.125 for 2.5 ml.

My Experience with Coloressence Liquid Lip Color:

Since my lips are dry, I would say that it perfectly suits my requirement. Even after two hours of application this product was there on my lips. It is also very handy to use in the restroom of office for reapplication.
coloressence liquid lip color sweet pink swatches

Pros of Coloressence Liquid Lip Color:

• This can be directly applied on bare lips.
• To get the color, it just needs 2 coats or max 3 swipes. I would suggest 3 coats to have long lasting gloss to your lips.
• Suitable for dry lips and lasts for 3-4 hours.
• Price economical Rs. 199/- for 4ml. Also available for Rs. 125/- for 2.5ml.
• No smell.
• 100% veg.
• Comes in transparent container, making it easy to see through, if you have many shades.
coloressence liquid lip color 3

Cons of Coloressence Liquid Lip Color:

• Although it is good, but one may find it sticky, I think it is because of the moisturizing/glossy effect.
coloressence liquid lip color sweet pink 1

IMBB Rating :

4.5 out of 5

I would like to buy this product again, but will try another shade.

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    color is very cute and adorable. I was searching the same color in NYX. Anyways thanks for the review.

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