Coloressence Pink Shimmer Gel Eyeliner Review

Skintone: Medium to fair, warm undertones.

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I had already reviewed the “Gold” and “Silver” shades from Coloressence Shimmer Gel Eyeliner Range. Today, I would be wrapping up this range with the final shade “Pink”. Keep reading to know more about the Coloressence Pink Shimmer Gel Eyeliner.


Price and Quantity: 450 INR for 6ml
Product Description:




My Experience with Coloressence Pink Shimmer Gel Eyeliner:


The eyeliner comes in a nice gold and black cardboard packaging. The outer packaging bears some product related information. The eyeliner comes in a long slender cylindrical plastic tube. The tube is color-coded. So, as this one is a pink variant, the tube is rose gold in colour but as all the three shades are very close to each other, it becomes very difficult to spot a shade at a glance. The tube has a metallic finish screw type cap that fits tightly making the eyeliner spillproof and travel-friendly. The applicator is a regular thin brush. The bristles are neither too long nor too short. The length of the bristles is just good enough to draw a proper line. The cap of the eyeliner fits securely making the eyeliner tube spill-proof. Overall, I cannot find any major con in the packaging.


The brand has tagged it as a pink eyeliner but, it is actually not. I expected it to be a beautiful rose gold shade. It is slightly pinkish gold in colour and it looks more gold on the eyes. Since there were no testers available when I bought these, I could not check the actual shades. This shade looks exactly same as the gold one. I could not find any hint of pink in this variant. I was disappointed to see that the shimmers in the eyeliner are too sparse. As a result, the eyeliner does not impart that perfect finish and requires so many swipes to add that perfect bling to the eye makeup. Too much layering takes a long time for the eyeliner to dry. As a result, the shimmers of this eyeliner budge easily. The shimmers are quite big but they do not look chunky. It is a kind of clear liquid eyeliner with large gold glitters in it.


The texture of the eyeliner is smooth and almost gel like. But, it does not have those thick gel eyeliners like consistency. It is basically a liquid eyeliner with some gel like consistency. It is neither too thick nor too runny. The consistency is just right to glide it smoothly all over the lid. The eyeliner spreads nicely on the eyes without any dragging of my sensitive eye area. It never irritated my eyes and it is pretty safe to be used with contact lenses. The pigmentation of the eyeliner is quite low, as I had already mentioned that it is just a clear eyeliner that contains shimmers, which are sparsely scattered into the liquid. So, it requires too much layering to get that perfect bling.


Once, the eyeliner dries out completely, it lasts for 3.5-4 hours on my eyes. But, the shimmers in the eyeliner tend to transfer all over the eyelid making it look glittery. The shimmers in the eyeliner are a little bit hard to remove. It can only be taken off completely using a good eye makeup remover. Overall, this product has not lived up to my expectations.


Pros of Coloressence Pink Shimmer Gel Eyeliner:

  • Good packaging.
  • Nice applicator.
  • Good for weddings and parties.
  • The texture is average.
  • Never irritated my eyes.

Cons of Coloressence Pink Shimmer Gel Eyeliner:

  • Comes in three variants and all of them are very similar to each other.
  • Not actually a pink eyeliner.
  • Poorly pigmented.
  • Requires layering.
  • Shimmers are sparsely scattered in the liquid.
  • Takes so long to dry.
  • Shimmers tend to transfer on the entire eyelid.
  • Shimmers are quite difficult to remove.
  • Not actually a gel eyeliner.
  • Product’s tagline is quite misleading.
  • Not long lasting.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Coloressence Pink Shimmer Gel Eyeliner?

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