Coloressence Premia Lip Color- Wintage

Coloressence Premia Lip Color- Wintage

Have you ever cherished the colors beyond seven hues of a rainbow? See the new shades of unexplored hues seducing and playing with every pore of your lips in delight! Beauty is an expression… colored with blissful essence!

Price: Rs.250

Long back, I saw a Coloressence counter in Goa at Delfinos, and I went berserk. It is my love for new makeup, of any kind that tempts me, the new packaging, untouched lipstick calls out to me and I give up.So I saw some really nice shades in tester packs and I picked up some,only to find out that two out of the three lippies I picked up from this brand, were hard as rubber!
coloressence premia lipcolor wintage

I am happy with this particular shade I got, which is called “Wintage” with a “w” , not “v”,. I fell for it because I love bricks, and this one was deep brick red, and it also said premia range, so I assumed this would be one notch higher than their hard range, which costs Rs.125! BUt some of them still turned out obnoxious. This one though is not bad if you like the color.
coloressence premia lip color wintage

The shade is a red-brick one, it has silver shimmer to it, and somehow the shimmer is woven into the matte texture it has. The shimmer wont show up much on the lips but when the lipstick fades off, all you see is bright silver shimmer!
coloressence premia lip color wintage 1

The lipstick feels hard,its not crumbly or creamy or buttery, but when you swipe it on, the lipstick gives a lot of pigmented color.The pigmentation is great honestly and one swipe is sufficient. the color stays on glossy and thick for at least three hours, after a meal it fades a little and leaves behind silver sihmmer.
coloressence premia lip color wintage swatch

In two swipes, it looks red, so i like to experiment with one or two swipes from time to time. For the picture,I am wearing two swipes and like it!
The lipstick has a lot of rose and soapy fragrance which could be done away with. The lipstick could also be softer since it is from the Premia range costing as much as the Maybelline moisture extreme.
coloressence premia lip color wintage  swatch

The packaging is high shine silver made of cheap plastic and has a huge crystal the at the top of the cap which I kind of find unique. I feel it gives a special identity to this lippy but still the plastic is cheap. The lippy is fragrant and has silver shimmer which I dislike, but I do love the color a lot!

Last word:

It is a brick red, thick but hard lipstick with silver shimmer. It fades after a meal and leaves behind silver shimmer. It has a rose fragrance and the packaging is very gaudy. I dont think I want to recommend this but I still love the color! The remaining ones i bought from this range are very hard, unlike this one!

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10 thoughts on “Coloressence Premia Lip Color- Wintage

  1. It looks lovely on you Neha….thanks for telling….wouldn’t like such hard lipsticks……those Streetwear lipsticks at 160 are playing on my mind….he he 🙂

  2. i have a shade frm this range… dnt remember the name … nice hot pink kind of color… they are way better in quality than the regular ones… actually these are not matte so they glide easily!!! this one will be on my mind when i visit coloressence counter next… the color is gorgeous and suits u a lot Nehaji 🙂

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