Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet Review

Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet

Hello sweethearts,

Who doesn’t like buying colourful eye pencils once in a while? I am a person who likes playing with colours for my eyes on certain outfits. I just had a green, blue and black eye liner till date, but then one day I saw this pretty lilac shade online, a shade that is very rarely available across various brands so I decided to pick it up and give it a try. And it was pretty cheap so I did not had an issues picking it up for trial. Let’s see whether this was a hit or a miss.


Price: Rs 135 for 1.42 gms

Claims about Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet?

• Crease-proof, fade-proof and smudge-proof
• Highlights your eyes
• Quantity: 1.42 gms
• Provides rich colour coverage
• Best for daily use
• Brand: Coloressence
• One stroke application formula
• Shade: Kohl Violet


My take on Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet:

I got this shade about 6 months ago from an online shopping site and it came in a big parcel. I just shoved the stuff into my cupboard and totally forgot about this one. And a few days ago when I was cleaning my cupboard I found this khol and tried it. The eye liner is comes in lilac purple packaging which appears like a great shade. It is like our normal writing pencils and I have to sharpen it to get a nice soft point. It is easy to carry and has a top too so that the eyeliner does not get damaged. I glided it first on my hand to actually see what kind of a shade it was. It was a beautiful mildly shimmered lilac colour which glided on very smoothly on my hand and looked very pretty.

I glided it once under my eyes but the colour did not appear at all. So I obviously had an idea that it will not appear on my waterline. I had to literally rub the pencil under my eyes to get the purple colour. It took almost 5-6 minutes to get the shade of purple that I have shown in the swatches *cry* . But on my eyelids the colour did not appear at all even after rubbing. I tried it as an eyeshadow lol but I am not going to apply it outside the house. The shade lasted for less than 2 hours and started to crease badly and the shimmers started to show off which I did not like. My eyes looked pretty messy.

The texture is also not soft which makes it a pain to apply on the eye area. I did not like this eye pencil at all and would warn you all not to try even a single shade from this range even if the shade seems attractive.


Pros of Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet:

-Beautiful lilac shade
-The quantity is pretty good at this price
-Available everywhere


Cons of Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet:

-The texture is very hard and difficult to apply
-No sharpener given with it to sharpen it further
-Did not appear on my waterline at all
-I tried it on my under eye area and the shade did not appear in the first swipe at all, I rubbed it badly for 5-6 minutes and then finally the shade appeared
-It does not appear on upper eye lid.
-The colour creases badly and disappears totally within 2 hours time period
-The shimmers start fading under the eye area after a while which looks disgusting

Will I repurchase/recommend Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet?

No no no please do not ever buy it and do not fall for this range even if the shades seem pretty. I will never pick this pathetic pencil ever again in my life.

Rating: 1/5

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14 thoughts on “Coloressence Premium Shades Kohl- Violet Review

  1. coloressence *pan* *pan* quality is always an issue *announce* but your eyes look awesome *jalwa* *jalwa* nice review *hifive* *puchhi*

  2. *headbang* *headbang*
    why does coloressence makes such hard stuff *hunterwali*
    i got their lipstick free from some online site…. same to same problem uski bhi *smack*

    1. Mera bhi lipstick me wahi prb hua *headbang* *headbang* it was soo damn hard to apply *headbang* *headbang* *cry* now never shop coloressence online *nonono* *nonono*

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