Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna Review

Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna

This is one of the eye pencils I which is a part of a huge online shopping haul I did recently. I bought two other shades from the same brand (will review them soon) apart from this one. I keep looking out for neutral colored eye makeup. This one caught my eye since this seemed to be a nice brown color. Also, since it was really very inexpensive I thought there’s no harm in trying. So I went ahead and bought it. Let’s proceed with the review and see how this one fared for me.
Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna


Rs. 150 for 0.05 oz


Apart from the loads of chemicals I could spot a couple of natural ingredients – Castor Seed Oil, hydrogenated coconut oil, beeswax

Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna 3

My Experience with Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna

It’s a feather light pencil, and comes with a protective cap. The word sienna actually means a yellowish or deep reddish brown color. However, this particular eye shade is neither yellowish nor reddish brown. It’s just light metallic brown. The pigmentation is quite decent. You need to swipe it 2-3 times for the shade to be seen. (I have oily lids so it takes this many swipes. When I swatch it on my hand, it’s enough to swipe it once for the color to be seen.)

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Though this particular pencil was listed under eye shadow, I do not really use it as an eye shadow. I tried to use this in a number of ways – as eyeliner over my lids (with dark brown/black liner), lower lash line but did not quite like it. I mean it did not look great. However, finally I found a good way to use this one – I use it to highlight inner corner of my eyes. I don’t generally go for very heavy eye makeup (because I am not good at it *hihi* ) I use this with Lakme Eyeconic Eyes Kajal and Mascara, highlight inner corners of my eye with this one and I’m done! This light brown metallic shade definitely makes my eyes look brighter. Of all the shades I have used in the past to highlight inner corner of my eyes, I found this to be the best. What I like about it doesn’t look stark. Makes my eyes look bright without looking overly made up. The staying power is quite average. It remains without fading for 3-4 hours (without primer).

Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna 4
The texture of this pencil is quite soft and creamy. I mean it does not stretch or tug at my skin when I apply it. If I apply a little pressure, it kind of crumbles. You can see it in the swatch below.

All in all, it’s an average product.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons

Pros of Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna

– Inexpensive
– Decently pigmented (at this price)
– Soft and creamy texture
– Average staying power
– A good neutral color to highlight inner corner of eyes
Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna swatch

Cons of Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna

– A little pressure can cause the pencil tip to crumble.
– It is so creamy, if used all over the lids it may crease.

IMBB Rating 3/5

Do I recommend Coloressence Premium Shades Sienna?

I would not really buy it again; I would look at similar shades from other brands as well. But considering the price, it can be tried by makeup beginners (like me *hihi* ) who are looking for a decent neutral color.

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    1. yes Rati…it sure is.. *haan ji* I did attempt to do an EOTD, but did not have the confidence to send across my pics.. *scared* since I am just starting out with makeup…

  1. nice shade, you know these one look great with neutral EOTD and when lined over a black eyeliner as 2nd line over the top….getting it…..coloressence not available here so now i am thinking of getting this shade in some brand…. *pompom*

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