Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Review

Skin Tone: Medium Olive

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Today I am going to share my views on Coloressence Liplicious Gloss in the shade Pumpkin Peach. Let’s get into the review.

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Review

Price: INR 350 for 6ml

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Claims

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach

My Experience with Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss:

Packaging: The packaging of this gloss looks absolutely gorgeous. This gloss comes in a beautiful glossy cardboard box and the actual tube is placed inside this box. It is a long black tube with a sleek black cap. At the bottom of the tube, there is a clear part that shows the actual color of the gloss. It looks really attractive and it is easy to identify the shade with such packaging. The tube is leak-proof and travel-friendly. The applicator wand is long and it has a flat sponge applicator which evenly distributes the color on my lips. A good amount of the product comes out with the applicator. It is so easy to apply this lip gloss.

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Packaging

Shade: Pumpkin Peach is a beautiful light orange-peach shade. It’s a perfect summer shade that looks so pretty on the lips. The shade looks very natural and acts as a pretty daily wear shade. It is a nice peach shade for medium to fair skin tones. It will not show up on darker skin tones, though. The shade doesn’t contain any shimmers and it looks so fresh on the lips. As a lip gloss, it is decently pigmented, but not highly pigmented like other shades from this range. This shade is a little less pigmented and can’t hide pigmented lips properly. Actually, I need to build up the color. Yet, as a natural daily-wear shade, I absolutely love this.

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss

Texture and quality: It has a soft creamy texture that glides smoothly on the lips. Excess layering might feel heavy but, after a few minutes, the gloss settles down as a nice texture and feels quite comfortable on the lips. But this particular shade contains some microparticles in it and they feel a little odd on the lips. This non-sticky lip gloss gives a very bright glossy shine to my lips. It provides super glossy, soft hydrated lips. It keeps my lips soft for long and never feels patchy on the lips. This is really a nice option for dry lips.

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Wand

The gloss doesn’t settle into the fine lines and never creases at all. The gloss transfers a lot; as the shade is very light, it looks faded after a few hours. It doesn’t move from its place a lot. But, as it is a gloss, the outer lip line looks a little messy at the end of the day. It has a nice scent of Shea butter, but it is a little strong for those who don’t prefer a strong smell. I have no problem with it as it fades within a few minutes. I really like that it contains good ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea butter, castor oil etc.

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Swatches

Staying power: It doesn’t stay on for long like the other shades. Even without having anything, the gloss stays for around 4 hours only and then it looks faded. As it is a light shade, it looks like a light stain on my lips after a few hours. Still, it never looks bad or patchy even after a long day. It never makes my lips dry. But, it can’t survive a meal. Also, this color is quite easy to remove.

Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss Lip Swatch

Overall: I really like this natural-looking peach shade as it goes well with any makeup look. This is a nice shade for students. It is totally worth a buy and looks so pretty on the lips. Still, I wish it had better staying power.

Pros of Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss:

⦁ Gorgeous, black packaging
⦁ Affordable
Pretty peach shade for daily wear
⦁ No shimmer and a nice scent
⦁ Best for fair to medium skin tones
⦁ Decently pigmented
⦁ Soft, creamy texture
⦁ Glides easily on the lips
⦁ Applicator provides an even finish
⦁ Gives a glossy finish
⦁ Non-sticky lip gloss
⦁ Never look patchy
⦁ Never settles down into the fine line or crease
⦁ Decent staying power

Cons of Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss:

⦁ Shade might not show up on darker skin tones
⦁ Microparticles feel a little odd
⦁ Transfers
⦁ Can’t survive even one meal
⦁ Wish it had better staying power
⦁ Pigmentation could have been better

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Coloressence Pumpkin Peach Liplicious Gloss?
I love to try more shades from this range. If you want a natural-looking peach shade, you can try this pocket-friendly lip gloss too.

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