Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter Review

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter Review

By Priyanka Ashok


Ever since my interest in makeup grew, the one product that really confused me was the highlighter. I was unable to understand how one can actually put a feature in the forefront with a mere blending of powder.  So, in order to figure this out, I decided to purchase the product I am now going to review. Sadly, I managed to lose the outer carton and now have a lot of missing information :’(



320 INR


3 grams.

Product Description:

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter – Bronze Fine micronized pigments with shimmer effects in powder form highlights your make up elevating you to the focus of every eyeball. It can be coupled with the lip color, eye shades, eyeliner, blusher and base to attain the desired shine and glow to the face. Available in 3 shades i.e. Silver, Golden and Bronze.

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 2


This loose shimmer highlighter comes in a plastic jar with a small hole for dispersal. It has a tight black lid that prevents spillage, and makes it immensely travel friendly. Sadly, the package makes it hard to differentiate between the three shades, if you have all three in your vanity.

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 3

My Take on Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter:

A highlighter is supposed to reflect light, and thereby highlight the feature it is applied on. This one is just bronze shimmer. It cannot be used every day, due to it being so shimmery, but for special occasions like weddings, it’s gorgeous. But mixing it with any sort of medium just adds, this sort of disco ball shimmer that just makes me cringe. Using too much of it, can make the rest of face look dark. Mature skin should steer clear, as the shimmer settles into creases and highlights the flaws.

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 4

The hole used for dispersing the product gives no control at all and can lead to product wastage.

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 5

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 6

Pros of Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter:

  • Beautiful for special occasions.
  • Can be used as a bronzer.
  • Can be added to body lotion and used as a body shimmer.


Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 7

Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter 8

Cons of Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter:

  • Too shimmery to be used in the daytime.
  • Packaging can lead to product wastage.
  • Not a suitable product for mature skin.
  • Travelling shimmer can make you look like a disco ball.
  • Too expensive for the quality provided.
  • Very hard to remove completely.
  • The quantity provided is too much. It’s not possible to use the entire product before it expires.

Would I Repurchase Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter?

Not really, I am looking for a highlighter that makes my skin look dewy not shimmery.

Would I Recommend Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter?

If you are looking for something with oodles of shimmer? Yes!

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  1. I also have some shimmer highlighters from ulta *happy dance* they look cute when applied at night time or in yellow light… but as yu said day time me it would look horrible *headbang*

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