Coloressence Silver Shimmer Gel Eyeliner Review

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Hello ladies,

I have been trying out some stuff from Coloressence for quite some time now. Recently, they had launched these shimmer gel eyeliners in the shade Gold, Silver and Pink. Today’s review is all about the shade “Silver.” Read on for more details.


Product Description:

450 INR


My Experience with Coloressence Silver Shimmer Gel Eyeliner:

The eyeliner comes in a nice gold and black cardboard packaging. The outer packaging bears some of the information about the product. The eyeliner comes in a long slender cylindrical plastic tube. The tube is color coded. So, as this one is silver variant, the tube is definitely silver in color but as all the three shades are very close to each other, hence it becomes very difficult to spot a shade at a glance. So, I need to check the shade names individually to ensure that I am picking up the right shade.


The tube has a metallic mirror finish screw on type cap that fits tightly making the eyeliner leakproof and fit for travel purposes. The applicator of the eyeliner is a regular thin eyeliner brush. The bristles are neither too long nor too short. The length of the bristles is just good enough to draw a proper line.


It definitely is a silver-colored eyeliner as its name suggests. It is a normal glittery eyeliner, but I am disappointed to see that the shimmer in this liner is sparse. As a result, the eyeliner does not impart that perfect finish with a few swipes and requires many swipes if you want to add that bling to your eye makeup, but it is really difficult to dry out the heavily-layered eyeliner.


I mean it really takes ages for it to dry completely. Therefore, the eyeliner shifts here and there because of being wet for quite a long time. The shimmers are quite big but do not look chunky or anything. It is a clear liquid eyeliner with silver glitters in it. I like to sport such liners to parties and night outs, but the amount of time it takes to dry gets on me.



The texture of the eyeliner is smooth and almost gel like, but it’s not as thick as other gel liners that you might have not seen. It is basically a liquid eyeliner with some gel-like consistency. It is neither too thick nor too runny. The consistency is just right to glide smoothly all over the lid. The eyeliner spreads nicely on the eyes without any dragging of my sensitive eye area. It has never irritated my eyes and is pretty safe for contact lens wearers as well. The pigmentation of the eyeliner is quite poor as I had already mentioned that it is just a clear eyeliner that contains silver shimmers which are sparsely scattered into the liquid.



Once, the eyeliner dries out completely, it lasts for 4-5 hours on my eyes, but the shimmer in the eyeliner tends to transfer all over the eyelid making the entire eye look a little messy. The glitters scattered all over the eyelid looks gaudy and cheap.



The shimmers in the eyeliner are little bit hard to remove. Overall, this product from Coloressence does not live up to my expectations. They call it a gel eyeliner but basically it’s a simple liquid eyeliner with glitters.

Pros of Coloressence Silver Shimmer Gel Eyeliner:

  • Good packaging.
  • Nice applicator.
  • Pretty shade.
  • Perfect for weddings and parties.
  • Texture is fine.
  • Safe for contact lenses wearers.
  • Does not irritate eyes.

Cons of Coloressence Silver Shimmer Gel Eyeliner:

  • Comes in three variants and all of them are very similar to each other.
  • Poorly pigmented.
  • Shimmers are sparsely scattered in the liquid.
  • Takes so long to dry out completely.
  • Shimmers tend to travel on the entire eye area.
  • Shimmers are quite difficult to remove.
  • Name is also misleading.

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