Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1 Review

Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Like all the other makeup brands, Coloressence too has some shades of single eye shadows. These eye shadows come in 2 different categories, one in the vibgyor matte colors and the others are in a pearl finish. In total, there are around 8-10 shades. I have 4-5 shades from both the range. The shade that I will be reviewing today is from  their vibgyor matt eye shades and is shade number EM-1. The collection has 3-4 shades of blue and EM-1 is one of them.

Product quantity: 3.5 gm


Rs. 200


These shadows come in a square shaped packaging with a round pan inside. The top of the lid is transparent making the color of the shadow visible without having to open it. This black colored packaging is further packed inside a black colored cardboard box which too has a circular cutout on the to which makes it easy locate in the stash.
Terminalia belerica extract, soyabean oil. 100% vegetarian with no animal ingredient

Product Description:

Vibgyor Matt Eye Shades are velvety longer lasting shades with Vitamin E. it is easy to apply with no smudging. Apply on the eyelid area with applicator.

My take on Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1:

As I already mentioned, EM-1 is one of their blue-colored shadows. The line has 3-4 blue colors and I have all of them. All the blues seem almost the same when applied on the lid but they actually look a bit different in the pan and this is the reason I bought them all. Out of all the blues I have, this particular blue is the one that I liked the least.

Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow  EM-1  (1)


The color is not good in the pigmentation department. The color looks beautiful in the pan, and when swatched on the finger it seems to have a decent pigmentation, but when it is applied onto the lids, the color loses its pigmentation and appears to be a very bad shade of blue. Minimum 3-4 coats of color are required to get a decent looking color on the lids. The color and pigmentation can be improved with a white colored base beneath the shadow but without a white base it does not look good (not at least on me). The same goes with the staying power of the color, after struggling so much to get a good color pay off, all the hard work starts to fade in just 1 hour making it look even worst. The color is smooth and easy to blend, but blending makes its pigmentation go down even further.

Overall for me this particular color is a complete fail. I like the fact that it is affordable and I was really drawn towards the color that I saw in the pan, but unfortunately it is not as good as compared to some other colors from this line.


Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow  EM-1  (2)

Pros of Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1:

• Affordable and good for beginners.
• Does not crease but simply vanishes without creasing.
• No animal ingredients.
• No fallout.

Cons of Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1:

• Poor pigmentation which further goes down while blending.
• The color looks pathetic without a white base underneath.
• Poor staying power.
• Minimum of 3-4 coats are required to make the color look decent on the lid.

Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow  EM-1  (2)

Would I buy Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1?

No! I would definitely not buy this color again. As far as other colors are concerned, I already have 4 more shades and so I would not buy these shadows again.

Do I recommend Coloressence Vibgyor Matt Eyeshadow EM-1?

I do recommend these shadows to beginners as they are affordable, but I would not recommend this particular shade as the company does have better looking blues.

IMBB Rating:

1.5 /5 (due to its affordability)

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    1. thanks Deepika… are right….coloressence eyeshadows are not as pigmented as some of the other shadows, but this color is not even as pigmented as it counterparts 🙁

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