Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3 Review

Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3 Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing an eyeshadow from Coloressence. Coloressence is a very affordable brand which gives decent quality at an easy on pocket price. I have tried some products from Coloressence and I wanted to try their eyeshadows too. I have one eyeshadow from this brand, but it is in pearl finish and the one I will be reviewing today is from their matt collection. Before buying this, I wasn’t aware that they have two different kind of finishes – pearl finish for sparkle and shine lovers and matt finish for matte lovers.

Coloressence vibgyor matte eyeshadow

Product Quantity:

3.5 gm.


Rs. 200


The shadow comes in a little square=shaped container with a circular transparent section on the lid. The pan is round as well. The color can be seen through the packaging which makes it look pretty. Overall the packaging is just average, nothing much to be excited about.



Terminalia Belerica extract, Soyabean oil. These are the only two ingredients mentioned on the packaging.’

Product Description:

Let your eyes speak the dialect of glamour with this matte eye shadow. Enriched with vitamin E, this eye shadow is smudge-freeand gracious. The palate offers the most alluring colour and shimmer to add an oomph factor to your personality!

My Take on Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3:

Color: EM-3 is kind of a peacock green with blue undertones. It seems more of a green in the pan but appears to be blue when applied, but whatever the color may be, it looks beautiful (both in the pan and on the eyes). As the color is from Coloressence’s matte collection, it is actually completely matte. It is a shade which if applied with a light hand can look cute and if applied heavily can give a perfect smoky eye look.

coloressence vibgyor matte eyeshadow

Pigmentation: The color is decently pigmented. It is neither too good nor too bad, 2-3 swipes are necessary to get a good amount of color. The color is blendable but blending affects the pigmentation. Proper blending reduced the pigmentation to almost half and more product had to be applied after that.

Texture: The shadow feels powdery on touch.  It’s not very smooth but that doesn’t matter much because the color applies well on the lids. Application is easy, but the only thing which takes some time is blending. The blending process is a bit difficult, but with some effort, the color can be blended well.

coloressence vibgyor matte eyeshadow

Staying Power:  The color is on the darker side which helps to improve its staying power. The color actually stays for around 1-2 hours after which it starts to fade, but even after fading, some amount of color still remains visible which stays for a long time. The color looks patchy once it starts to fade, but this patchiness is visible only if seen from a close distance.

coloressence vibgyor matte eyeshadow

Overall, this is an average product which is good for beginners or for crazy people like me who like to collect different stuff. It’s basically a decent quality product in an affordable range.

coloressence vibgyor matte eyeshadow

Pros of Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3:

  • No animal ingredients.
  • Completely matte.
  • Beautiful blue-green shade.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Affordable.
  • Average staying power (especially due to its dark color).

Cons of Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3:

  • The name of the shadow is not mentioned anywhere on the packaging or the shadow, it is recognized only by a number which can be a bit difficult to remember.
  • Might look patchy once it starts to fade.
  • Proper blending takes a little time.

Would I Repurchase Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3?

Not this color. One of these is enough for me and it would certainly last me a long time.

Do I Recommend Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3?

At this price range yes, you can buy it, but only if you are a collector or a beginner.

IMBB Rating:


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7 thoughts on “Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-3 Review

    1. its actually so affordable that young people can afford it in their pocket money 🙂 my cousin likes these solely because of this reason 🙂 🙂

    1. vov have so many pretty looking palettes but i never tried them….. *nababana* and now i can’t even think of trying *secret* and according to me coloressence shadows are decently good

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