Colorful Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

Products and tools used: Purple Pink Eye Makeup

  • Clean your face/ eye area. After that I dab my eyelid with cotton wool soaked in rose water or any other non oily cleanser. It removes greasiness and any prior makeup/kajal.

Clean Eye

  • Apply your eyeshadow base. An eyeshadow base (primer) must be applied under your eyeshadow for extended wear. If you don’t have a primer you can apply your concealer over your lid using an eyeshadow brush.
  • Apply concealer to your under eye area to hide dark circles and brighten up your eye area. (I am not using any though I would have liked to- sorry! I *thought* that I didn’t need it until I saw these pics. )
  • Dust the area under your eye with loose powder. It will catch any glitter/colour that falls off while applying eyeshadow
  • Apply a shimmering bright pink coloured eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye. Extend it till the middle portion of the eye. I am using an eyeshadow palette my cousin brought from abroad but I guess its not branded or anything.

Pink Eye Shadow Tutorial

  • Apply a turquoise blue eye shadow to the outer corner of your eye and extend it till the middle. Blend it well with the pink eyeshadow. Use a clean fluffy brush for blending.

Blue EYe Shadow makeup

  • Use an angular brush to apply a shimmery light violet eyeshadow along the lower lash line starting from the outer corner till the middle in one sweeping motion.

Purple Eye Makeup

  • Apply a very thin line of black eye pencil and slightly smudge it. Be careful not to draw a very thick line as you don’t want black colour of the eye pencil to hide the colour of your lid. I lined my eyes along both upper and lower lashline.

Eye Liner

  • Curl your lashes. Apply Mascara. And you are done! And don’t forget to dust away the layer of loose powder you applied under your eye with a fan brush!

Now to convert this day look to a night look, I will suggest you to:

  • Apply a dark taupe coloured shadow to your crease and blend. Extend it a little further than the outer corner of your eye to give it an elongated look (only if you need it).
  • Apply a highlighter to your browbone and the inner corner of your eye to give it a twinkle!

Pink Purple Eye Makeup And your night look is complete! PS: This picture didn’t come out that well. In reality, the colours are brighter and a bit more shimmery. The pictures before do more justice. In this look, I keep my lips natural/nude with a little bit of pink sheen. I achieve this by using blistex liptone. Blistex Lip Tone

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49 thoughts on “Colorful Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

  1. Nice tutorial..your eyes look great without the concealer that you feel you need!! Please do post more of these – you make it seem so easy 🙂 And just had to add..your lip pic – looks just like Kim Kardashian.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I will definitely do more of these. Its just that some of the colours in the palette dont give me enough colour and its just a waste. Its pure glitter. I will have to invest in some better quality eyeshadow. Though the colour payoff of some of the shades is very good.

      and yeah, I am nowhere near as gorgeous as kim kardashian… but it feels good that my lips look wee bit like hers 😀 (atleast to one person :P)

        1. Lemme buy a good golden pigment. and I’ll try to review that. Even I wanna try that look on my sis’s wedding.

          1. you can use lakme eyepot in topaz then use a gold shade over..that is what i did and the look was a close enogh match….

    1. Congratulations! When are you getting married? I have very limited shades of eyeshadow but I am planning to buy a good golden,bronze,sparkling grey,nude shimmer( something like stila cat but not that expensive :P) shade. If I do buy them, I’ll do a tutorial for sure. Maybe in two weeks. 🙂 My di is also getting married this August so I’ll HAVE to buy these eyeshadows soon 😛

  2. Super easy and beautiful tutorial. Did I mention that you have beautiful eyes. 🙂

    And now I also have colorful eyeshadow. Thanks to priynaka. yay!! 🙂

  3. Hey Urmi, I thought I had commented on this one, but I missed it……I am so happy that eye tutorials like yours are coming up on IMBB…..this one is so good.

  4. Hey!…great tutorial…I have a similar palette dat a friend gifted me n I never knew how to use widout looking like a member of a punk rock group 😀
    Thanks a lot!!….U hv amazing eyes by the way and I agree wid the Kim K lips comment!! 🙂
    Please post some more eye tutorials wid this palette.

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