How To Apply Coloured Eye liner- Makeup Tutorial

I am doing my first makeup tutorial here on Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog. I am doing a tutorial on how to apply colored eye liner.

Step 1: Apply base- I use Revlon colorstay blemish concealer in medium/deep.


Step 2: Apply a wash of medium brown on lid and up into the crease using finger and blend it up and out.


Step 3: Apply a golden caramel shade under the brown bone and blend it down into the brown.


Step 4: When you apply colored liner our eyelashes seem sparse. What I did was, I applied black liquid liner really thin on my top lash line real close to the lash base.


Step 5: Next up, I took a lip-gloss I don’t use much and applied it on to the back of my hand and using a liner brush and the third color[turquoise] from my Lakme eyecolor quartet in into the blue[review Lakme eyecolor quartet],I applied a thin but precise line right above the black liner using short strokes.[you can do practice strokes on the back of your hand first]



Step 6: If you want you can apply mascara and be done with it. But I took a further step and used the fourth color from the same quad and used it to line my bottom lash line with the same brush.


Step 7: Apply mascara, blush and a lipstick/gloss in a nude or a tint and you are done!!

Complete Look

Please post pictures in the makeup and beauty forum or mail it Rati to if you try out the look.It would make my day. 🙂


40 thoughts on “How To Apply Coloured Eye liner- Makeup Tutorial

    1. thanks..i never thought that my eyes were that beautiful….i like my lips better than my eyes..just coz it kinda pouty…but i guess i am wrong…yep..i’ll try to do a review on it this weekend….

  1. First it was Rati, then Mrun, now Fatima….you all do perfect eye makeup…….need to pull up my socks…..Fathima….you have got lovely eyes.

  2. well get a move on jomolechi…your juniors are overtaking you….cant wait for ur tutorial…and thanks..

  3. Nice Fathima..!!! u do it very nicely.. i do my makeup nicely but one thing im really bad is using eye liner, the liquid eyeliner…!!!

    I do the similar thing with my lakme eye pot but cant do the gloss thing since my eye lids touch the place where the eyeliner goes so it creates a mess if i do it with something glossy.

    1. i love green liners…….I have got a green pencil eyeliner from revlon….so i dont do that with green….but that reminds me..i havent got any green in myshadows collection.gotta get a green palette soon.

    1. i’m a total turquoise gal…..and i am saggitarius … its meant for me!!! ELLo positive energy!!! :heart: :heart:

  4. i never use black liner before using any coloured liner. now that i think of it, i believe it will make a huge difference! will try it soon. and it’s quite interesting how you use a lip gloss. never heard of that before! congratulations on your first tutorial.
    .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Priority One, Two, Three.. =-.

  5. I liked the article, good photos, but just wanted to say that the Revlon Colorstay BLEMISH concealer, is for applying on blemishes to treat them and give coverage, it will be very drying (and maybe also too harsh) to apply on the eyelids, as it’s active ingredient is Salicylic Acid, which is used in mostly all pimple treatments and also in skin care products to control oiliness. The warning on the pack of this Revlon Blemish Concealer states, “Using other topical acne medications at the same time or immediately following the use of this product may increase dryness or irritation of the skin. When using this product, avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.” I like to use a gel foundation as an eyelid base before applying eye make up.

    1. Thanks honey….Actually most of time I use maybelline dream matte mousse foundation a SA sold to me in the wrong shade….but when i was making this tutorial i was sick and the foundation was upstairs ad i was way to sick to climb up the stairs and get it..thanks again for telling me this.. :-* :-*

  6. Omg! Great idea… Now i can actually make use of all those lip glosses as well as eye shadows that i have been avoiding so far :party:
    N not to forget this trick also gives variety of colors to choose from.. Multi-purpose 😉
    Great Post Rati…keep BLOGGIN
    ERICA 🙂

    1. thanks Erica[& rati]….u see i am gal who likes to buy everything and anything related to makeup and i end up buying stuff i don’t use much like that gloss…so this is an idea i came up with…

  7. hey fatima… cud u tell me which eyeshadow palette u used? the brown one…. the eye maeup was just adipoli fathima…. loved it

    1. it was this inexpensive pallette called erha 21………[rs.77 for 24 colours and is pigmented too]….OMG!!!!!!!!did yu just say adipoli??do u live in kerala??if so are u in ernakulam??

  8. in blr now fathima … and yes i’m a ” cochin gal” 🙂
    ps… from where did u get the palette… going to cok next wk/mnth… anywhere in convent jn?… goodwill?

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