ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip Review

Skin Tone: Light to Medium with warm undertones
Skin Type: Combination

Hi everyone,

ColourPop launched their ultra-satin lipsticks this year. These lipsticks are a good alternative for their ultra-matte liquid lipsticks. Today, we will review the shade “Cozy.” So, let’s see how this lipstick fared.

ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip

$6.00 USD for 0.11 oz.
Product Description:
You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug in this true orange red!

How To Use:
Start by prepping the lips with Lippie Primer to moisturize and improve the lips texture. This will provide a smooth surface so that your Ultra Satin Lip goes on smoothly and lasts all day! Next, line with Lippie Pencil to perfect the lip line and fill lips in with Ultra Satin Lip.

ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip shade name

My Experience with ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip:

When ColourPop released this new range of liquid lipsticks, I was super excited. I really like their ultra-mattes, however, they tend to feel a bit dry. If you have wanted to try liquid lipsticks but you were apprehensive of the dryness, then this is your best bet. ColourPop as always has a wide range of colour selection in this range too.

Packaging: The packaging is pretty standard clear tube with holographic writing on the side – ColourPop Ultra Satin. The bottom of the tube specifies the name “Cozy.” The tube has a silver cap. The applicator is a standard doe-foot wand. The product comes in a white cardboard box with the name of the product and the ingredients list.

ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip packaging

Texture and Application: The texture of this liquid lipstick is bit mousse-y and liquid-y. The main difference between ultra-matte and ultra-satin liquid lipstick is that the ultra-satins do not dry completely matte. It dries velvety matte within a few minutes once applied on the lips, so if there are any errors while applying, you can easily correct it. ColourPop recently changed their applicator to a fluffy doe foot. I am not a fan of their new applicator. It doesn’t give a precise line. There is a chemical fragrance to the lipstick which personally doesn’t bother me. Another major difference between the ultra-matte and ultra-satin is that the latter does not give “kiss-proof, budge-proof” finish. It does transfer a lot; however, they are very long lasting. It is advisable to exfoliate your lips to achieve a flawless finish. The ultra-satin doesn’t dry your lips or give you a smooth finish. It’s the most comfortable liquid lipstick.

ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip swatches on hand

Pigmentation and Coverage: This lipstick is super pigmented and super opaque. It gives a full coverage even if the lips are pigmented.

Shade and Finish: The shade is described as a ‘true orange red’ and it is indeed a very stunning orange shade with red undertones. This particular shade is streaky and a bit difficult to apply. This shade will suit light to medium skin tones. When you first apply the lipstick, it will be satiny finish; however, it turns to matte as the time passes by. You can also blot it with paper if you need an instant matte lip look.

ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip swatch

Staying Power: The staying power is really good with this lipstick. It stays on for around 6 hours without the need to reapply; however, it will start to fade if you eat oily meals. Overall, I am really happy with the colour payoff, the texture and the longevity of the lipstick. The lipstick can be easily removed with an oil-based makeup remover.

Pros of ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip:

  • Semi matte to matte finish lipstick.
  • Beautiful orange red shade.
  • Extremely pigmented.
  • Good packaging.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Good longevity.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Doesn’t crumble.
  • Affordable.

Cons of ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip:

  • Not available in India.
  • Don’t like the fluffy applicator.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase ColourPop Cozy Ultra Satin Lip?
Yes, I do recommend it to everyone since I love this shade. No, I wouldn’t repurchase. I might try some other orange shade from their collection.

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