Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip Color Review

“Limbo” is one of the six shades that I bought as part of my Colourpop haul and yesterday, I had reviewed the shade “Lychee,” – a pretty purple shade and today’s review is on the shade “Limbo,” which is a goth brown shade.  These Colourpop lipsticks are a rage among Youtube bloggers because they are so cheap yet equally good as Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. This product comes in so many shades that I had a hard time choosing the shades of my choice; still I narrowed down my list to 6 shades, out of which, four have already been reviewed on IMBB.  Here’s more on “Limbo” from Colourpop.

Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip Color

Product Description:
You’ll be bending over backwards for this deep chocolate brown.



My Take on Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip Color:

Packaging: A test tube kind of lip gloss tube with a long doe-foot applicator attached to it. I like the packaging because it’s easy to store and to identify from a pile of other lip colors.

Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte

Texture:  It is very creamy and smooth to apply, reminds me of NYX matte lip colors. It does not tug on dry lips; however, a lip balm is recommended underneath because some might find it a bit too drying. Another great feature of this product is that it dries in a matter of seconds and when we rub our lips together or smack them, they do not stick together or appear tacky.

Color: A dark chocolate brown color which gives kind of a gothic appearance, this color might appear a bit scary to some, on the contrary, it goes well with dusky and brown skin tones and makes the face appear brighter and also makes teeth appear whiter, which was not the case with the last shade that I had reviewed (Lychee).


Pigmentation: Awesome pigmentation and I can vouch for this claim because I have pigmented lips and I have tried hard and failed to hide the pigmentation on my lips.

Wand applicator

Shimmer and Shine:  This lip color has no shimmer or shine whatsoever.  In the initial swatch, it appears a little wet or shiny; however, in a couple of seconds, it dries out to a smooth, velvet matte finish.

Fragrance:  This lip color has a very subtle floral fragrance which I like since it doesn’t bother me too much and fades away eventually.

Swatch on hands

Wear Time:  One needs a very good makeup remover to remove this lip color, otherwise, it doesn’t budge at all. It might fade a little if one consumes oily food, but otherwise, it does not budge at all. In fact, it is a little too stubborn to remove.

Lip swatch

I am really happy that I took a leap of faith and purchased these lip beauties from Colourpop. I can’t wait to buy other shades as well from this range.

Swatch on lips

Pros of Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip Color:

  • Test tube-like packaging which occupies less space and is easy to store.
  • Color is visible through the clear tube which makes it easy to locate in a stash of lip colors.
  • Beautiful chocolate brown shade which makes skin and teeth appear brighter.
  • Ideal shade for all types of skin tones.
  • Mild floral fragrance.
  • Just a bit of lip color goes a long way.
  • Perfect for pigmented lips.
  • Absolutely waterproof and smudge proof.
  • Easy on pocket
  • Perfect dupe for Lime Crime Velvetines lip colors and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks.
  • Available in several shades.

Cons of Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip Color:

  • A bit too difficult to remove.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colourpop Limbo Ultra Matte Lip Color?

Yes and would try to stock up all the other shades.  I recommend all the readers to take a leap of faith like me and try these lip colors from Colourpop.

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