Common Contact Lenses Problems

contact lensesContact lenses are no more an alien term today. All of us have had worn lenses at some point of time be it for faking those hazel eyes or just for the sake of getting rid of the customary spectacles. I have used lenses for both purposes. 😛

Some people are horrified with the mere mention of surgery while most of us hate spectacles and hence we land up using lenses. Whilst surgery can be risky contact lens usage also has its own set of drawbacks, and these draw backs are even more severe than the surgery threat.Contact lens problems are as common as contact lenses are. They can be treated easily and prevented too. In this article I will be outlining few problems caused by the use of contact lenses.

Improper care and usage of the contact lenses cause majority of the contact lense problems. How many of us disinfect our lenses after removal? I am so tired by the end of the day when I get rid of the lenses that I simply toss them in the container and switch on to the next pair the next day.( But I do make it a point to clean my lenses every alternate day).

Using bad quality lenses can also cause eye problems. In order to save on their money people tend to lose their sight. Also reusing the cleaning solution for days together can lead to eye problems.

I have also seen some of my friends using plain water to clean their lenses which leads to vision problems and irritation. Using distilled water can lead to Acanthamoeba Keratitis which is a serious eye affliction which leads to pemanent damage to the cornea. It can take palce even due to the usage of swimming pool waters, sea water and also sauna baths. Hence wearing contact lenses at such places must be avoided.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis

It is one of the most common contact len problems faced by people. Its caused due to the reistant reaction caused at the protien of the contact lense. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis Causes numerous swellings in the eyelids making the eyes itchy and red. This won’t damage your eyesight or eyes but it will cause an uneasy feeling to your lens

Corneal Ulcers

Use of unclean contact lenses causes Corneal Ulcers. Soft lenses and wearing contact lenses for prolonged period can also cause Corneal Ulcers. Corneal Ulcers cause irritation, pain and discharge from the eyes. The epithelial stratum of the cornea is destroyed due to corneal ulcer causing permanent damage. A person can also lose his sight completely if the situation worsens.

Corneal Oedemas

It is caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the cornea. It does not have any physical symptoms but it does render pain and blurry vision.

Corneal Abrasions

It is caused due to rigorous rubbing and scratching of the cornea. Corneal Abrasions tend to happen when there is some dust trapped underneath the lens. RGP lenses are more prone to Corneal Abrasions than the soft lenses. Corneal Abrasions do not need any specific medical treatments.

These are some of the contact lens problems, I will be listing out the treatments and remedies to get rid of these problems in my next article.

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12 thoughts on “Common Contact Lenses Problems

  1. I have got GPC a few times. Its so painful. And then I could not wear my contacts for a month too. 🙁 🙁
    nice article Zeeba….looking forward to the next :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. I too wear lenses that too for last 7 years .. 🙂 I think there are certain makeup products also which lens wearing people should avoid..

  3. Nice article !! I’ve been wearing lenses for about 2 years now. The best pro was that my power which was constantly fluctuating and increasing finally became stabilized once I started wearing contacts. I started wearing green ones recently and I love them! 😉

  4. can someone suggest or can we have an article on the most comfortable daily long-wear contact lens brands available in india…want to know what brands are best, cost etc.

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