10 Common Eye Makeup Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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We all love to apply eye makeup from time to time if not on daily basis. However, here is a list of few things that can go wrong with the application and how you can correct them.

Eye Makeup Mistakes

1. Uneven eyeliner

Uneven liner looks really unpolished and most of us don’t have steady hands. We also tend to pull the eye area to make the application of liner easier which can change the way the skin around your eyes looks in the long run.
Keep a mirror at a lower lever, try pointing your chin up and look down while applying eyeliner and try to stop this habit of pulling the skin. You can also use slanted brush if you are using gel liner.

2. Using the wrong liner type at the wrong time

Sometimes we just use one liner to suit all our needs. You can always experiment with different formulas of eye liners to get the desired look. If you are late for work and you are not a pro at applying liners so it is always best to stick to pencil ones rather than going for gel liners or liquid liners.

3. Curling up the lashes after applying the liner


Curling your lashes after applying eyeliner removes the liner that is closest to your lashes and it leaves a gap which looks really hideous.


Always curl your lashes before applying eyeliner to avoid smudging it or wiping it off.

4. Not using n*de or white

Black or brown eyeliners on your upper lash line definitely look good but they can sometimes give harsh lines and made up look.
Incorporate beige or white liner in your eye makeup routine to line lower lash line for a soft, non-made up look and also in the inner corners of your eyes to highlight your eyes.

5. Not using a base

Most of us are guilty of not using a proper base or a primer for our eye makeup. A primer keeps the eye liner from smudging off and makes it last longer.
You can buy a separate eye primer, use your face primer as eye base, use concealer as a base or you can also use a nude or beige pencil as a base too for your eyeliner.

6. Not keeping weather in mind

Weather plays the key role as factors like sweat, humidity or rains can wreak havoc on your eye liner if it is not water-proof or long lasting.
Try to go for long-staying formulas that are water-proof which will need minimal upkeep and your liner will look vibrant even at the end of the day.

7. Doing the entire eye


Thick lines on both upper and lower lids can make your eyes look really small and can give you raccoon eyes.
Try to line your eyes in thin lines on the outer part of the upper lash line and waterline of the outer part of your lower lash line. This will look natural and will also give bigger and sultry looking eyes.

8. Not knowing the difference between different kinds of eyeliner

Sometimes we tend to use one formula for weeks at stretch without keeping in mind the proper occasion.
Pencil liners work best for your daily use if you are always in a hurry. You can also invest in different coloured kajal pencils to add some colour to your eyes. Next comes, gel liners which are smooth, water resistant and can help you achieve the thickness and various looks you want. Lastly there are liquid eye liners, you need a steady hand for these but they are totally worth it as you can experiment with them a lot.

9. Going overboard with the bottom lid

Most of the pencil liners or kajals tend to smudge around the water line. If we go over-board with the bottom lid then we end up with under eye smudges and dark circle look-alikes.
First of all use a good formula that is long-lasting. You can also use light coloured pencils to define your eyes. Lighter shades will look more natural and will also make you look more awake.

10. Going freehand

Do not do your cat eyes and liner flicks freehand. They are bound to look uneven or shaken.
We all know the trick of using tape or business cards as a guide but most of don’t really use this. If you are a pro at application of eye liner then go ahead for whichever look you want but if you are a beginner and are attempting cat-eye then there is no harm in trying tape as a guide for even looking wings.

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