9 Common Liquid Lipstick Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

By Surabhi Singh

Liquid lipsticks are so in trend right now. And here on IMBB, you can find reviews on a wide variety of them. If you are not sure about selecting the best liquid lipsticks, check out the reviews on IMBB and then choose one. Liquid lipsticks and their application can be quite tricky. If you think your liquid lipsticks do not look as great as you expected or do not last very long, then here is something you cannot miss! Whether you’re using it for the first time or been using it for years, you cannot afford to make certain mistakes. Read on to find out which mistakes I am talking about and how avoiding them can improve your looks.

Not exfoliating your lips

This is the first step in prepping your lips for any lipstick, but this step becomes more important in the case of liquid lipsticks. If you do not exfoliate your lips, your liquid lipstick will accentuate your lip lines and start to flake after a while. As liquid lipsticks dry out your lips, the dead skin cells start clumping or falling off. To avoid this, be sure to exfoliate before applying any liquid lipstick. Use a lip exfoliator or a baby brush for best results.

how to apply liquid lipstick

Skipping lip balm

If you do not apply a lip balm before liquid lipsticks, your lips will become super dry. After exfoliating, focus on hydrating your lips. If your lips are not hydrated, they will turn dry and look cracked, making your efforts invested in exfoliating go waste. Try to apply a luscious lip balm after exfoliating to replenish your lips. It is very important to keep your lips hydrated while using a liquid lipstick. You can keep your lips hydrated by drinking sufficient water too.

You are not using lip pencils


A lip pencil will make a huge difference. A thin lip liner will do the perfect job. However, you can use a thick lip liner for easy, fast and complete coverage. Using a correct toned lip pencil will prevent your lips from bleeding and feathering as it creates a barrier around your lipstick. Using a complementary lip pencil shade will help in defining your lips well.

Not setting with powder

If it’s not a matte liquid lipstick, do not try to set it by pressing your lips together. It is better to set such lipsticks with a tiny amount of setting powder. This way, extra moisture will get absorbed and your lipstick will stay in place. You can wear your lipstick all day long without the fear of bleeding or feathering.

Using gloss to set the lipstick


If you are using a gloss to set a matte liquid lipstick, then you are doing it wrong. Matte liquid lipsticks are formulated like this for a reason, and if you set them up with a gloss, they will only feather up. If you are a liquid lipstick beginner, try not to set it with a gloss.

Layering different products

Keeping a single product on your lips to last long is such a pain let alone two. If you are layering different products on your lips then they will eventually flake up and give an inappropriate look. Try to stick with a single product at a time.

Applying multiple layers

Liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented and are meant to be swiped just once or twice. Liquid lipstick gives your lips an opaque pigmentation in a single swipe. If you apply too many layers of liquid lipstick then it will appear cakey and eventually start flaking. The layers will start to wear off and bleed. However, if you want a dramatic look, you can swipe twice or thrice.

Constantly rubbing lips


If you are in a bad habit of constantly rubbing your lips, it will surely spoil the look of your liquid lipstick. It can increase the drying process of your lips and your liquid lipstick will eventually look flaky, feathery and streaky. Liquid lipsticks are formulated to dry up quickly and are not required to be rubbed.

Not applying in right order

If you are applying liquid lipstick on the bottom lip and upper lip and then pressing them together, you are doing it wrong. Liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented and need to be applied in a right order. For a precise application, apply the liquid lipstick on the bottom lip and press your lips together. Then, complete the application by filling in your cupid’s bow with the lipstick.

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