9 Common Morning Skin Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Hope all of you are keeping well. Today I’ll be writing an article about the common morning skincare mistakes that we usually make. I’m sure most of us are very lazy in the morning, and neglect our skin care routine. This leads to damaged skin overtime. So here are certain skin care mistakes that we all must avoid in the morning to achieve soft, smooth and flawless skin.

Morning Skincare Mistakes

1. Start morning skin care regimen at night

The most important step which we all neglect is to wash our face at night and remove all the makeup. By not doing so, we are slowly damaging our skin. It is very important to wash or cleanse your face at night and then go to bed so that you can wake up to a soft and clear skin.

2. Focus on your sleep

It is extremely important to grab a 7-8 hour sleep so that you can wake up to a healthy skin. If we avoid sleeping 7-8 hours, our skin looks tired the entire day and it also leads to lifelong skin damage. Slipping into the bed early and staying away from the gadgets is the key here.

3. Using hot water

Washing your face in the morning with hot water also damages your skin. Before washing your face, you must splash a little bit of lukewarm water on your face. Then, use your face wash as lukewarm water opens the pores of your skin. After using the face wash, you can splash cold water as it helps to close the pores of your skin. Bonus : this will awaken your senses too.

4. Exfoliating before going out

Exfoliation is an important part of skincare routine. But one must avoid exfoliating in the morning as exfoliation opens the pores and it becomes easy for dust/dirt to penetrate into the skin, leading to clogged pores. Therefore, exfoliation should be done in the evening or at night.

5. Not sticking to CTM

Most of us avoid the cleansing, toning and moisturizing (The CTM) routine in the morning as we tend to be a bit lazy. But it is extremely important to follow and stick to your CTM routine. It actually helps to make your skin look young and healthy.

6. Skipping sunscreen

After the CTM routine, one must definitely not forget to apply a good sunscreen as sunscreen helps to prevent skin tanning to a certain extent. It also provides sun protection and helps to prevent various skin diseases which are caused by the harmful sunrays. If not for these reasons, at least apply sunscreen to prevent premature aging of skin.

7. Face wash before shampoo

One of the common mistakes which we all are guilty of is that we are damaging our skin whenever we wash/clean our face before shampooing. Face wash must be done after shampooing. If we wash our face and then shampoo, all the harmful chemicals from the shampoo and dirt, damage our facial skin as the pores are open. Therefore, it is very important to shampoo first and then wash/clean our face.

8. Getting physical

We all are habitual of frequently touching our skin which leads to breakouts. Therefore it is very important to avoid touching our skin once we wash our face in the morning.

9. Using wrong products

Another mistake we all make is that we randomly use products on someone’s recommendation. It is very important to know your skin type and then choose products which are formulated for your skin type. Using a product meant for oily skin when you have dry skin won’t do any good.

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