Common Pregnancy Problems

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die. Β Β -Mary Manson


Just how true are these words of Mary Manson. Giving birth to a child is indeed what every women carves for and this feeling is unmatched to any other pleasures of life.

But with this bliss comes some inconveniences that are experienced by every women before becoming a mother.

Some of the common pregnancy problems are as follows:

1) Vomiting: It is a basic pregnancy problem a women suffers throughout her pregnancy but incase its frequency increases then medical attention is required.

2) Morning sickness: Hormonal changes lead to morning sickness which can, unlike it’s name, last all day. The best way to avoid morning sickness is to eat small meals, avoid fluids with meals and keep the air ventilation of your house at its best.

3) Swelling: It is another common problem among pregnant women although the degree of swelling may vary from person to person. Avoid standing for long at a stretch and wear comfortable shoes or inserts especially designed to counter this problem.

4) Weight gain: In pregnancy all women gain weight so no need to worry about it unnecessarily and also do not stop yourself from eating frequently.

5) Insomnia: Hormonal changes and discomfort may be the reason for insomnia during pregnancy. Caffeine, alcohol and fatty foods should be avoided to deal with this problem.

6) Fatigue: Proper sleep and rest should be taken to avoid fatigue during pregnancy. Diet rich in iron should be taken to avoid anaemia which causes tiredness in the body.


7) Back ache: Due to the increased weight around the belly area women suffer from back ache during pregnancy. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid lifting heavy objects as it may aggravate this problem.

8) Abdominal pain: During second and third trimesters it is normal to have abdominal pain because it is during this time that the pelvis makes room for the baby but incase constant pain prevails then seeking medical attention becomes a must.

9) Constipation: It occurs due to the metabolic changes in the body. Increase the intake of water and eat a diet rich in fibers.

10) Leg cramps: Toe curling exercises should be done before going to bed at night. Gently massage the affected area. Food rich in magnesium and potassium can be consumed.

11) Breathlessness: This problem occurs due to the increased pressure in the body of a pregnant woman. Just relax whenever you are feeling short of breath and ask for help if the problem increases.

In addition to these there are some more common pregnancy problems like headaches, high blood pressure, food carvings and sore throats.


Though some of these problems are unavoidable yet some can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy period which will Β have a positive effect on both i.e. the mother and the baby. After all healthy child is what every mother wants.

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24 thoughts on “Common Pregnancy Problems

  1. Don’t think m al big shot n stuff…

    But these r not problems they r benefits for the baby… I’m a child psychologist student ..@ years ago bk in usa they had invented tablets for all these probs n labour pains. through out pregnancy women took these tablets ..that entire year all those mothers gave birth to dwarfs ….. When god gave all these probs he gave it for a reason I guess

    1. I agree with u completely. I am a doc and a new mom myself. I had the option of taking a pill for every ill of pregnancy but the side effects of them were so many that i did not take any pills at all. Besides no gain without pain, Right?

  2. I had all of the above listed problems and even Swelling OMG!!!!!!!!! i wasn only 42 kg that time and during that time i had 64 kg………… shoe size is 6 but that time i had to get no 8…………..and i was looking like mota nepaali kaanchi……… :secret2:

    1. sim !!! u r married and all 😯 😯 😯 😯
      i thot u are some class 12 or grad student from ur photo .. u look so young, no you look so small (age wise) .. hawwww !! me look like ammaji in front of you :weep: :wilt:

      1. oops!!!!!!!!! feeling shy :beauty: …………..meri tavacha se meri ummar ka pata hi nahi chalta…………… :shame: :secret2:

  3. nice article era :victory: :victory: .. one may face 3-4 of the above mentioned probs.. but cheeerrrrsss to the gr8 result in the end :cheers: :cheers: … u forget alll pain in a sec of holing ur child in ur arms… :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    1. i agree nids O:) O:)
      but anyways, u don’t get all of them at the same time na…. like backache mostly occurs only during the last few months, if at all… it is ok :toothygrin:
      nice article Era…. loved ur name πŸ™‚

  4. I had two more problems….one was over-eating disorder and other one was weird-food habits disorder……I was so hungry after initial 3 months of nausea and sleepiness…..that I had to eat all the time……last 3 months and all through breastfeeding….I had doubled my appetite…..and loved all the spicy and chatakedar foods…..I used to sprinkle chaat masala on almost anything, eat sandwich with garlic chutney and peanut butter……heheheh I know it sounds yuck….but that was my favorite back then. :yelo:

  5. You described very well all the common problems a pregnant woman has to face. These problems generate inconvenience, however, All’s Well That Ends Well. End result is so overwhelming which :phoolan: made a woman forget all the pain. :joker:


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