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Nayana asks:

I am getting married very soon and its winter. My skin is extremely dry, so I am very worried about my makeup things, like which compact/ foundation I would have to use, I don’t know. I want to know which foundation/ compact/ base will suit my extremely dry skin, please help me 🙁 I have medium complexion. Please suggest foundation, compact, blush and lipstick for my dry skin.

Lots of love and warm wishes to all,


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6 thoughts on “Compact and Foundation For Dry Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. Nayana,
    Congratulations on your wedding. I think you can try out MaxFactor Ageless Elixir foundation (don’t go with the name). It works well with dry skin. I also think you should skip out on a compact else it will make your skin look flaky

  2. Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding Nayana….try Bourjois foundations, the healthy mix ones……for foundation, try MAC.

    Blushes, you can check out creamy blushes because they are good for dry skin, lipsticks – Chambor Moisture range of lipsticks.

  3. Chanel vitalumeire aqua
    MAC Face and Body
    Lotus Naturablend TM
    MAC Mineralize (but read review before)

    and I LOOOOVVEEE mac mineralize skinfinish natural for compact.

    also use highlighters- secret to glowy skin.:D

  4. I have dry skin and after lots of bad experiences, am currently using the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. It is very good and gives a nice finish. MAC face and body is also good for dry skin however am not sure about the coverage it imparts. For compacts you can check d ones by Body shop, chambor and clinique. Am currently using a pressed powder-foundi from body shop called d all in one face base and it is good. 🙂

  5. I have dry skin, I normally apply a BB cream such as Maybelline’s Dream Fresh and then for extra coverage apply MAC’s Studio Fix and finish of with Mac Mineralize skinfinish

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