15 Completely Wrong Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an easy task but it’s achievable if you are dedicated, stick to a healthy and correct diet, and have an active lifestyle. Some of us become extremely desperate at some point in our lives and have unrealistic expectations, and try out aggressive and wrong methods to lose weight which may not yield any results, may even backfire, bringing along a lot of health problems. Just as we did not put weight overnight, it’s completely wrong to expect that all the excess weight will melt off instantly. In this post, we list out 15 Completely Wrong Ways to Lose Weight.

wrong ways for weight loss

1. Completely Eliminating all Forms of Carbs from the Diet: It’s wrong to brand all “carbs” as villains, not all carbs are bad because complex carb food items such as whole grains supply the body with essential nutrients, vitamins, and fiber which are important to run bodily functions smoothly. Instead keep focus on getting rid of refined carbs such as refined sugar and refined flour that cause sharp rise in insulin and weight gain.
2. Exercise aggressively without diet control: The formula to weight loss is 80% diet control and 20% exercise and you will see considerable drop in weight then. You can follow diet programs on Rati Beauty and involve workout into your routine, and that way, lose weight without compromising on health.
3. Too much cardio without Lifting Weights: One can spend hours on the treadmill, but without lifting weights or strength training, you would not be happy at all with the results. Squats, deadlift, dumbbell exercises will fasten up fat and inch loss.
4. Starving yourself to Lose Weight: When you starve yourself in order to lose weight, depriving your body of all forms of food for long periods, your metabolism will dip down and you would hardly lose any weight. Also, being off of food for long will increase your sugar cravings which will eventually lead to binge eating, so completely refrain from starving in order to lose weight.
5. Going on Crash Diet: These diets are usually restrictive and cause a lot of health problems. Crash dieting slows down metabolism, deficiencies, fatigue, and dizziness. Crash diet will only achieve short-term goals, and once you come out of such diets, you would regain everything and even more. So crash dieting is not at all realistic.
6. Setting up Unrealistic Goals: Going into the weight loss journey, hoping to lose 10 kg in a month is not a goal that’s achievable. Set short-term goals because they are more achievable, and once you reach them, you will be motivated to lose more because once you see results, it becomes an obsession, the same mantra applies for weight loss as well.
7. Slimming pills: Weight loss pills/slimming pills are a dangerous way to lose weight because they are usually loaded with dangerous ingredients, often with unusual amount of caffeine and diuretics which may affect major organs of the body when taken regularly. Rely only on healthy ways to lose weight. Rati Beauty diet programs advocate losing weight by eating healthy and exercising, without compromising on nutrition.
8. Say No to Fad Diets: Such diets would only help you achieve short-term weight loss and as soon as you stop such diets, that weight will all come back. Also, such diets deprive your body of essential nutrients and minerals like sodium and potassium. Lifestyle changes matter, fad diets do not fit in anywhere.
9. Getting Obsessed with Weighing Scale: Never measure your weight loss success on weighing scale. If you feel demotivated every time you step on the scale, then it’s better not to measure your success by stepping on it. It’s prudent to weigh yourself just once a week and instead take other factors into consideration, like how loose your clothes have become, how energetic you feel, and how soundly you can sleep at night.
10. Solely Depending on Workout and not Dieting: Rigorous workout will not yield any results at all if you eat unhealthy. Eat clean, workout well without over exerting, and you will get to your goal weight soon.
11. Solely Depending on Dieting and not Working out: When you don’t exercise and depend only on dieting to lose weight, you would lose muscle along with fat and would look weak and malnourished, instead of appearing well toned and fit. Also, the metabolic rate would slow down and after a point, it would be difficult to lose weight.
12. Liposuction: A completely wrong direction to go because it has major side effects and people have had serious complications after they went the knife to get rid of the flab.
13. Weight loss concoctions: They don’t work at all, period!
14. Fluid and Detox Diets: Again, such diets only eliminate water weight and are restrictive, and people only tend to lose their fluid and not fat.
15. Taking laxatives: It’s a completely wrong way of losing weight. It might show temporary results, most probably you will lose water from your body and become dehydrated, without losing any amount of fat.
16. Dropping calories below 1200: When you steeply cut 1000 or more calories from your diet, the number of calories your body burns to maintain basic bodily functions, which is also called the “resting metabolic rate” like breathing and heartbeat, will also slow down to adjust to the considerable drop in calories, and this will affect your overall health too. Once your body slows down important bodily functions, you would hardly lose any weight further down the road.
17. Sticking to sugar-free food items: It’s better to switch natural alternatives for refined sugar rather than switching to “sugar-free” tablets or food items because they will cause health problems when used for long term.
18. Letting go of all fats from the diet: Not all fats are bad, there are bad fats such as transfat and then there are healthy fats that such as monosaturated fat that the body needs to run smoothly. Ghee, coconut oil, avocados, eggs, nuts, chia seeds, olive oil are all examples of good fat which would in fact help you drop weight.
19. Too many low-calorie snacks in a day: Don’t think only about calories, limit the frequency of food intake too. Too many snacks through the day would keep insulin in spiked up mode leading to creation of more and more fat cells. Keep snacking to just two times per day.
20. Not making lifestyle changes: Losing weight is all about making lifestyle changes. If you want to slim down and lose weight in the long term, think about making lifestyle changes, and that’s why Rati Beauty diet programs give equal importance to healthy lifestyle changes to sustain your weight loss.

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